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Plano At A Glance

Moving to Plano Means Moving Home!

If you ask any crew of Plano movers, they’ll tell you that North Dallas is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite area in the DFW Metroplex. Plano, Texas has started a revolution of comfortable living with a touch of class. An oasis geographically located between an aging downtown Dallas and the sprawling lots of newly developed Allen and McKinney, Plano has the best of both worlds when it comes to amenities like fine dining, great shopping, and enviable schools against the comfortable backdrop of an area with lots of room to grow. As your friendly Plano movers at All My Sons will tell you, this city affluent city is Texas living at its finest! 

Plano’s population has enjoyed steady growth for a century now, and its 244,000 residents know the Plano movers will be busy shuttling newcomers in for years to come! Located just 20 miles north of downtown Dallas, Plano’s quality of lifestyle is evident by its status as the Dallas suburb with the highest median income-- $77, 038. Plano residents and local government members are proud to live in such a prosperous city and are taking steps to ensure they share the wealth with others moving to Plano. Plano movers have already relocated new residents to several new apartment complexes and townhomes in downtown Plano, and more will be coming soon! Plano government officials have plans to add 1,000 new housing units and 50,000 square feet of commercial space within walking distance of the DART rail station, so professional Plano movers will have their hands full with those making a local or long-distance move to Plano. 

For active adults and children alike, Plano has over 260 sports fields in its sprawling parks all over the city. Your local Plano movers love to cool off in one of the six swim facilities. Four other recreation centers with public gymnasiums round out the lineup of venues for fun and fitness. But Plano movers know North Texas weather is meant to be enjoyed, so bike, run, or walk along the extensive trails, playgrounds, and parks maintained by an attentive Parks and Recreation Department. 

Moving to Plano or any new city is often an intimidating experience. It can take time to acclimate to your new surroundings, and sometimes meeting people is difficult at first. Your local Plano movers recommend Newcomer Friends of Greater Plano, a social organization of warm, caring women that provides a supportive environment for all residents of Plano and surrounding North Texas areas. The 221 member host several activities monthly with the goal of introducing newcomers to Plano residents. Make a new friend at a potluck dinner, or attend one of the group’s Welcome Coffees soon after moving with your Plano movers. 

Your Plano movers are ready to bring you home! Call All My Sons in Plano to schedule your estimate.