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Top 6 Reasons Why People Move

Find yourself packing up and moving to a new home? Don’t worry, there are countless amounts of people currently doing the same thing – to be specific, about 40,093,000 people relocate every year within the United States. With over 14% of the population moving to a new home on a yearly basis, reasons as to why people have decided to do so vary. From career changes to financial reasons, your local Corpus Christi movers have come up with a list, narrowing down the six most popular reasons people move.

  1. Upgrade. There are endless amounts of reasons as to why a family could be upgrading to a different home. One of the main causes is because of the need for a larger home for a family that is expanding with more kids. Another reason is because of an increase in income – in which case means moving to a larger home for more space, and in order to finally build that man cave your husband has always wanted.
  2. Aging. More often than not, when someone gets older they also want to be closer to their family – whether it be closer to their children or grandchildren. Not only that, but as people tend to age, they often need to move into a home that offers assisted living.
  3. Change. Sometimes a change of pace is the sole reason behind a move. Whether it be for a different city, new school zone, or due to the fact that the neighborhood is just not the same as it used to be when you first moved in, moving just for a healthy change is a major factor as to why people move at all. Sometimes all you need is a fresh start!
  4. New Job. Accepting a new job offer means having to relocate closer to your workplace – regardless of whether or not it is in a new city or a completely different state. Also, those that live in a heavily populated area, causing them to miss out on that precious extra thirty minutes of sleep due to a long drive in heavy traffic, often end up throwing in the towel and moving closer to work.
  5. Relationships. From finally marrying and moving in with your high school sweetheart, to those getting divorced, all of the reasons as to why changes in relationships occur, are an extremely common reason for those who end up packing and moving to a new home.
  6. Downsizing. With the kids finally going off to college, sometimes there is no longer a need for all of those extra bedrooms and space. When parents finally have their nest dwindling smaller and smaller, until they find themselves with no children at home at all, it is not uncommon to have empty nesters making the switch to a smaller home. Aside from getting rid of extra space, downsizing can drastically cut down electricity and maintenance costs.