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Successful Storage Tips from Corpus Christi Movers

Everyone knows that moving is stressful and it is virtually impossible to find anyone that actually enjoys the process of moving. When you are moving to Corpus Christi you may find it necessary to rent a storage facility at some point during the move, or for an extended period of time to store some personal valuables that will go in your new Corpus Christi home. At All My Sons of Corpus Christi, a full service moving and storage company, we have extensive experience with storage and the best way to get the most of your Corpus Christi storage unit.

Here are some valuable tips for making the most out of your storage unit in Corpus Christi.

Storage Tips:

Leave a walkway to the rear of the unit that will provide you with better accessibility to all of your items.

Disassemble all big furniture items, such as bedframes, to maximize on space.

Place your more frequently used items closer to the door.

Make sure to fill all of your containers to capacity, if you partially fill or over fill your storage cartons, they may tip and collapse.

The Corpus Christi moving company suggests placing fragile items closer to the top of all of your piles so that they do not get crushed.

Label all of the cartons and make a master sheet of where they are located and what they contain in order to avoid any unnecessary searching when you need to get what is inside of the cartons.

Take full advantage of the space you have. Use the full height of the storage unit and place shelves to help organize the space.

Add bay leaves to the boxes to ward off insects and common household pests.

If you are storing refrigerators or freezers, make sure to thoroughly clean them and leave the door ajar to prevent mildewing. Use the space in side of the refrigerators to store any kitchen items.

Wrap mirrors and pictures in padding or bubble wrap to protect them, and never store them flat.

Packaging tips:

The Corpus Christi moving company highly recommends using only sturdy and strong containers that are stackable.

Fill the boxes completely to prevent them from collapsing and damaging your belongings.

Pack books and heavier items in smaller boxes so that they are easier to lift.

Stack the boxes from heaviest on the bottom to the lightest on top.

Purchase specially designed boxes for fragile items and dishware.

Take advantage of the sturdy tops of dressers and the like to stack boxes and other items.

Make sure that all items are thoroughly clean so that they do no attract pest and insects.

You can save money and room by using towels to wrap and protect your belongings.

If you use wardrobe boxes to hang and store clothing, the Corpus Christi storage experts suggest filling the bottom of the box with shoes, pillows, or other lightweight items.

Make sure to protect your furniture with shrink-wrap, bubble wrap, or blankets to avoid causing them any damage.