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Modernize Your Home with these 4 Statement Pieces

Modern home trends that can also stand the test of time are sweeping the nation. These new home trends are all about clean lines, large open spaces, simplicity, and taking a walk on the wild side. If you are moving to Corpus Christi and are looking for simple ways that you can modernize the look of your home without breaking the bank or overdoing it, check out these 4 statement pieces that will instantly add a modern touch to your new home.

  1. Eames Chairs and a Saarinen Table – after your Corpus Christi movers unpack your belongings, when decorating for a trendy modern home, the first step is to fill it with timeless, classic modern furniture. Purchase Eames chairs and a Saarinen table for the ultimate modern dining room and living room. One of the best pieces of moving advice from local Corpus Christi movers is to move with as little furniture as possible; this cuts your moving costs dramatically and can allow you to start fresh in your new home. If you feel that you will not have enough money for new furniture, keep in mind that moving furniture costs is calculated by weight. So if the item is not worth the cost of moving, you can use the money saved towards something brand new that you will love. Or, you can sell your old furniture and save that money to purchase new pieces.
  2. Metallics – Add small metallic statement pieces throughout your home. Whether it be vases or a large wall mirror, metallic room décor can instantly make your home look more modern.
  3. Global décor – Although Corpus Christi movers know that clean lines, simple colors like black and white, and metallic décor are the top modern trends, so are global pieces. It is important to keep in mind that global décor does not just mean bright colors; the patterns typically reflect that of a culture. Consider incorporating African prints, a Turkish rug, or a Chinese Chippendale chair into the décor of your new home. Think that the sheer prints and aesthetics to global, tribal prints are awesome enough? Well think again because the best part is that they mix and match together very easily, creating an effortlessly modern chic look.
  4. Statement Lighting – Statement is all the rage when it comes to modern home décor and design. Corpus Christi moving companies see many families moving into homes that are modern in design and have modern fixtures, such as lighting. The recent decade has brought more designer attention to lighting fixtures, resulting in a vast assortment of artistic lighting solutions. You can find modern chandeliers, long hanging single lights, Edison bulbs, mason jars, and lights with sculptural elements.

When it comes time to move to Corpus Christi, local moving companies want you to get the most out of moving and the most out of your home. Create your dream home with ease, by using these tips to modernizing your home with statement pieces.