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How to Secure a Vacant Home

Are you going on vacation and won’t be home for a couple of weeks? Are you moving into a new house and won’t be around to protect your old one for a while? It’s a common concern that homeowners have and rightfully so. Our Corpus Christi movers have put together this guide to help homeowners learn how to protect a vacant home and obtain a sense of security when they leave.


  1. Hire a House-Sitter


    Arrange for a friend or family member to regularly drive by your home and preferably, sleep in a guest room overnight. If no one is available, consider hiring someone through online service ads, but this can be risky. After all, the whole point in getting a sitter is to prevent strangers from coming into your home, however, with a proper background check and documentation, this could be a better option than having no one at all. Also, make sure to have them covered under your homeowner’s insurance in the event of an emergency in which you may be liable for health-related costs or other expenses.


  2. Purchase a Security System


    Purchasing a security system is by far one of the most recommend ways to secure a vacant home. Burglars are least likely to break into a home that has an alarm and/or surveillance system. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are apps available for download on any smart phone that allow you to monitor your home when you’re away. Just connect them to your security system and activate/deactivate your motion detectors and other equipment at your leisure.


  3. Perform a Manual Sweep of Your Home Before Leaving


    One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when leaving their vacant homes is forgetting to check the home for basic security. A surprising number of home burglaries occur because home owners simply forget to lock the door. Coming home and finding everything missing without signs of forced entry is not a pleasant experience. Corpus Christi local movers suggest before going anywhere, be it vacation or even to work, double check that all windows are closed and doors are locked.


  4. Inform Neighbors That You Will Be Away


There are no better people to inform that you will be away than those who live next door to you. The benefit of a neighborhood is that everyone has each other’s best interests at heart and is there for each other. When attempting to secure a vacant home, don’t forget to call your neighbors and ask them to contact you if they see or hear anything strange inside your home. Don’t be afraid to leave them one of your extra house keys as well. The last thing your neighbors want is for something to happen to your home. Be it a fire, a flood or a break in, your home’s safety is within their best interests.