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Scent: A Powerful Factor when Trying to Sell

For better or for worse, the power of scent should not be underestimated. Some scents are related to specific emotions, and some have a greater impact than others. Find out how scents can affect a buyer’s mood, deter them, or entice them. In fact, scent can even play a role in causing migraines! Here are some scents we have found turn off those looking to buy a house in Corpus Christi.

Smoke. Few smells are more callous and deterring than cigarette smoke. Smoke embeds itself into furnishings, tapestries, window coverings, and even the walls! Some topically applied solutions can help to reduce the stench, but an ozone generator, hydroxyl generator or air scrubber should be more effective, but there is no promise that the cigarette smoke can be eliminated entirely.

Stale air. If someone dies or suffers a long illness in a home, a good airing is likely necessary to remove odors that have sat in stale air for who knows how long. Trauma cleanup services are available for episodes that were particularly messy and need the aid of a professional. While it is unpleasant to imagine dealing with, it’s something that happens and must be dealt with accordingly.

Pet odors. Pet odor—specifically cat urine—is incredibly difficult to remove. Cat urine seeps into carpet fibers, carpet padding, concrete and wood floors, furniture, pillows, and upholstery. Literally no area of your home is safe from it! Cleaning the areas might help, but humidity will raise the odor from the padding or floor beneath, making it a seemingly endless battle. Often, you have to remove the carpet, remove the pad, seal the floor, and then replace the pad and the carpet to really get the smell out of your home.

So what’s the best way to test if your home is scent-ready for Corpus Christi buyers? Get a third party nose to come take a sniff. Often, you become conditioned to smells that are in your home, so you need someone who is not used to your home to tell it to you straight.

And if the news is bad? There are some scents you can turn towards to try and detract from the foul smells that you can’t seem to shake.

Peppermint- Peppermint is stimulating and gets your brain buzzing. It also can help you think more clearly.

Jasmine- Calming scents like Jasmine can help set a relaxing mood, so it’s a good choice for the bedroom or bathroom.

Cinnamon- The scent cinnamon is proven to raise mood, vigor and concentration

Lemon- The citrus scent s known to enhance moods and reinvigorate you

When all else fails, bake a batch of cookies! The scent is tied to positive emotions. Good luck selling your Corpus Christi home!