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Secrets to Removing Household Odors

Few things can be more embarrassing or more frustrating than odors in your home that you cannot seem to get rid of. Thankfully, we have a few tips on how you can use natural items to cut odors. Read on to learn more of the Corpus Christi local movers home tips.

Green tea to overcome cat litter. Dry green tea leaves work like magic in reducing those unwelcome scents from the cat bathroom.  Break open a few bags and sprinkle the loose leaves into the box. You and your cat will both appreciate a more sanitary scented bathroom area.

Dryer sheets in the garbage. The garbage can gets to be a stinky place, and with good reason. Nix odors from the trash can by placing dryer sheets below the garbage liner, and it will help soak up foul smells.

Apple cider vinegar can balance out drain odors. ACV is a wonder cleaner, and it does a great shop breaking down scents and foul odors that accumulate in the sewer and septic systems. Pour half of a cup down the drain and it will carry the scents far, far away.

Vanilla in the freezer. Soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract, then swipe it around the inside of your freezer. Voila! The scent of fresh ice cream instantly replaces the reek of leftover meat.

Lemon juice for garbage disposals. Got a stinky, rotten food smelling garbage disposal? Toss half a lemon down the drain and let the zesty fresh citrus scent take over.

Onions for the basement. Onions absorb mold and mildew scents, who knew? After a hard rain, deploy an onion to absorb mold and mildew odors. Just slice one down the middle and let it sit in the cellar overnight.

Coffee in the refrigerator. Fill a nylon stocking with coffee grounds and toss it inside the back of the fridge. The invigorating scent of java overpowers odors from fish, cheese, and other harsh-scented foods.

House plants for room odor. Rather than opt for chemical heavy sprays and scented candles, liven up your home's ambient aroma with houseplants. Scented geraniums and Arabian Jasmines are two varieties that come highly recommended for their odoriferous scents.

There you have it! Some of our favorite tricks for masking and eliminating foul odors with scents we all love.