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Tips to Reduce Your Mortgage Payment

Is your mortgage payment getting harder to fork over each month? We know how you feel! Here at the Corpus Christi local movers, we want to help you learn a few ways that you can lower your monthly mortgage payment. Here are our top tips on paying less for your home each month.

Refinancing your mortgage. Refinancing your mortgage is a process that involves paying off your existing mortgage with a new one, and it is only a beneficial process if your new mortgage can get you a lower interest rate. An opportunity to refinance, when the time is right, has the ability to save homeowners a lot of money over the term of the mortgage and also significantly on their monthly mortgage payments.

Don’t take the first offer. Shop around for a super-low interest rate and see what you can snag as an offer. Whether you're perusing for your first home loan or thinking about refinancing your existing mortgage, shopping around is a key cost-cutter when it comes to your mortgage payments. Just think about it: If you don't compare rates from multiple lenders and banks, how will you truly know if the rates you're receiving are indeed the lowest?

Check current property values. When the value of your property goes down, it's not the best news in the world. One upside, however, is that you may not have to pay as much in property taxes, and that could be fantastic news for your bank account! Notably, property values fluctuate up and down depending on the real estate market, it's always a good idea to reassess your home's worth to make sure you're not paying more than you need to in property taxes.


Boost your credit score for mortgage reductions. A good credit score is a valuable tool in securing a new interest rate for your home. So, if you've been rather reckless with your finances, you'll likely have a lower credit score which is often reflected in a higher interest rate. Likewise, the higher your credit score, the lower your rate will be. Give your credit score some TLC and you can get a lower interest rate on your current mortgage, or refinance for a new one all together.

Make extra mortgage payments. The same way you can double pay to get a credit card paid off, you can double down on mortgage payments too.  However, be sure to read the fine print and learn about any prepayment penalties or clauses that your particular mortgage agreement might have. Also, you need to have plenty of finances available to take care of other areas of your monetary responsibilities before you double pay on your mortgage.