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Plants You Don’t Want to Plant

Moving into a new home is, without a doubt, an exciting time filled with endless decorating, renovating and landscaping possibilities. Especially after being stuck inside for a season of winter that might as well have felt like eternity, part of the most exciting part of moving is the opportunity to landscape the outside of your home to your liking. While you may be biting at the bit to put your green thumb to good use, you might want to take a minute before setting your heart on any one type of plant. From mint to wisteria, these types of foliage are best to be traded in for other types of greenery.

  1. Purple Loosestrife. Nicknamed the “Beautiful Killer” and “Marsh Monster,” this plant lives up to its name by starving out vegetation native to the land and other various types of indigenous wildlife. While one way to get rid of it is with specific kinds of beetles and weevils – the best way to quickly get rid of this unwanted invader is to dig it out yourself and contain it to a plastic bag. After all, the last thing you want is for it to spread its roots in a landfill!
  2. Mint. Although this popular plant is the foundation of many delicious drinks (mojitos and mint juleps) and a garnish to even more delicious meals, you will definitely want to stick to keeping this plant in your culinary choices, rather than in your garden. Especially if you live in an exceptionally moist environment, mint will spread before you even know what is happening. If you have it – it will grow over it, not even are your pots and tubs safe. Unless you plan on growing it in a container indoors, then it might be best to go with another type of plant.
  3. Wisteria. As beautiful as this plant may be, it is also capable of twisting around a tree so tightly that it kills it. While you may be lured into the charming look that this foliage can give to your home, you may want to think twice before investing in it. It has been known to grow over a foot in diameter and subsequently suffocate its other plant neighbors. Wisteria has proven to be such a nuisance, that about 19 states have already listed it as “invasive.” In order to get rid of this uninvited guest the fastest way possible, spray it with a herbicide and watch it disappear.
  4. Trumpet Vine. Another plant that has no limits to the amount it can grow, is the trumpet vine; notorious for taking over all of your trees and sometimes – even your home. Not only that, but the more that you try to get rid of it, the more it tends to grow. It will send its roots farther and farther into the ground as a defense mechanism. The best way to get rid of this formidable opponent is to dig it up with a shovel and get rid of any excess blooms.