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Packing Supplies for the Perfect Move

It is amazing how much we all have in our homes and offices right now. It’s something we don’t notice until it’s time to move. How can you make your moving experience affordable and easy? The packing supplies and moving equipment offered by All My Sons Moving & Storage can make a big difference.

As a trusted Corpus Christi moving company, we stand behind the quality of our packing supplies and moving equipment. The packing supplies we offer are the same materials our professional movers use every day, and that’s what makes them so much better!

All My Sons Moving & Storage has all the packing supplies to ensure your move is as easy and efficient as possible. Our packing supplies are designed to make the moving process as easy as possible for the do-it yourself mover, or those who are enlisting in moving services but not packing services.

Packing supplies include:
 Moving boxes and crating
 Moving blankets and pads
 Packing peanuts, loosefill, bubble wrap, packing foam and tape.

Packing supplies and materials are used to keep your belongings secured together throughout the loading and transport when you move. All My Sons Moving & Storage packing supplies are available in a variety of sizes and quantities.

Our Corpus Christi moving company understands that moving equipment is just as important as packing supplies. Quality moving equipment leads to a safe and easy moving process. The right straps and a good dolly will make all the difference when loading and unloading the moving truck.

Moving equipment offered:
 Moving dollies
 Hand trucks
 Moving straps

Everyone should use professional packing supplies

Packing materials are the most important part of protecting your valuables during the moving process. Most damage occurs when items shift inside the moving box or truck during transport. Professional packing supplies and moving equipment from our Corpus Christi moving company will prevent common moving damage.

Purchasing used moving supplies will cost less, but replacing broken or damaged belongings will eat into any money saved from purchasing the used packing supplies. It is always best to invest in professional-grade packing supplies to secure your belongings, rather than having to replace irreplaceable items.

Learn how to pack the right way

Every All My Sons Moving & Storage location has an online database filled with packing tips and moving advice that’s completely free. Visit the website of your local Corpus Christi All My Sons Moving & Storage and click on the Moving Articles for more resources.

Packing supplies are only effective if used correctly, so learn packing techniques from our moving professionals to help.

Standard or special packing supplies

After decades of moving experience, there’s one thing that we can say with absolute certainty, every move is a little different, but the fundamentals remain the same. The most common moving supply is of course the moving box, but these days, moving boxes have been designed better! Now there are moving boxes for TVs, mirrors, kitchenware and even wardrobes.

All My Sons Moving & Storage stocks a variety of packing supplies that can accommodate every more. With the right moving boxes and enough moving tape, your move will be safe and smooth.

Make your next move much better than the last. Call the professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage and speak to a packing and moving specialist today.