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Organizing Tips For Your Move to Corpus Christi

Whether you are moving across town or across state borders, moving an entire household can bring upon an epic meltdown, even among the best of us. Creating a planning process from the moment you decide you will be moving can help to minimize stress and increase the likelihood of a smooth moving day. Make your move to Corpus Christi smooth, short, and sweet using the All My Sons of Corpus Christi’s tips for preparing, organizing, and packing.

Picture how you want your new Corpus Christi home to look.

The best and most beneficial step you will want to take to prepare for your move to Corpus Christi is to let go of any unnecessary and excess belongings. Find the motivation to clear clutter by viewing it as an opportunity to consolidate your belongings. If you are considering bringing a certain item, imagine packing it, physically carrying it to your new home, and unpacking it. Is it worth all of the effort? Imagine seeing this item in your new home, does it belong?

Begin with your technological move.

Begin with purchasing an external hard drive or sign up for an online storage service. Knowing that your important computer files and digital documents are safely backed up can take a huge weight off of your shoulders. When you are physically moving your technological equipment, make sure to label each individual cord with the name of the device it belongs to so you will not need to search or figure out where the cord belongs.

Place important documents in a fireproof lock box.

The Corpus Christi moving company strongly believes that saving important documents in a lock box is a practice everyone should be doing, whether or not you will be moving to Corpus Christi in the near future. Gather all sensitive documents such as birth certificates, social security cars, passports, and other vital documents into the lockbox. When the day comes to move to Corpus Christi, the lockbox should go with you in your car, not the moving van.

Use a color coded labeling system.

At All My Sons of Corpus Christi we recommend trying to color code with box labels to determine which boxes go in which room, and then number each box. Keep a separate record with a list of the contents of each numbered box. When you are unpacking, you will simply be able to refer to your master list to see what is in each box and what you will need from it. We have found that this technique keeps the unpacking organized and works like a charm.

Start a stash of the essentials.

There is nothing worse than arriving at your new Corpus Christi house and having to scramble to find the essential basics such as toilet paper, pajamas, office supplies, or coffee for the morning. Pick a spot where you can gather all of these items you will want to have access to as soon as you move into your new home in Corpus Christi so that you will be able to organize your essential and have access to them throughout the entire moving process.