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Top Organizing Mistakes You Might be Making

Are you constantly trying to get organized and constantly failing at it? Worry and stress no more!  Organize your Corpus Christi home and get it to stay that way by becoming aware of a few mistakes that many people make. Read on and begin getting organized today!

Error #1: Starting a project without thinking it through. Organizing your closet is a great way to spend an afternoon, but not if you aren’t prepared for what the chore actually entails. Really examine the task at hand and determine how much time, energy, tools, and effort it will take. Think about your weaknesses when it comes to organization and how you can improve your existing habits to nip disorganization in the bud.

Error #2: Not taking on preventative habits. Have a clutter problem? Stop buying things. Too much paper, magazines, and extra items laying around? Throw out mail after reading and toss junk mail as soon as you walk in the front door. Preventative habits will stop problems before they arise. Don’t bring items into your home just because they are freebies or a clearance item—you should only take in items you truly want and need.

Error #3: Buying organizational items before you plan your project. Wade into your project first, find out what you need, and make a shopping list. Always write down measurements (and take a small tape measure with you to the store) to avoid purchasing mistakes. Purchasing bins, shelving, and other items before planning out the project results I wasted time and money, and essentially more clutter to deal with.

Error #4: Assuming a product will be the solution. Space bags might be great at getting bulky clothes out of the way, but will it ensure you will remember what’s stuffed in there and keep you from buying duplicates? A shoe rack is great, but will it ensure that you put your shoes in their place upon removal? These items can help you, but your habits likely need to be tweaked to ensure that you get real results.

Error #5: Not having a plan to clean out. Often, clothing and other items accumulate because there is no clear strategy on removing things from your home. Get in the habit of donating items to Goodwill once a month, selling items on eBay each week, whatever it takes to keep things constantly moving rather than staying stagnant in your home.

There you have it—some habits that lead to a lifetime of disorganization! Get a grip on these things and you’ll likely see a stronger future ahead as a person who purchases with purpose and only keeps what they use and need. Those transitions alone will likely make you more organized naturally.