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Moving Mistakes that Will Cost You

Recently bought a home or signed a lease and are looking for ways around spending money on a mover? Unfortunately, if you do not do your research and you wait until the last minute, a mover CAN be more expensive than they have to be. Renting a moving truck and moving your belongings yourself can sometimes be even MORE expensive than simply hiring a full service moving company.

The following are the biggest, most common moving mistakes that will ALWAYS cost you. 

  1. Hiring a moving company or renting a truck last minute. Moving companies are busy too, so don’t get so busy that you forget to hire a mover in enough advance, or it WILL cost you. You need an ample amount of time to research local movers. If you don’t give yourself that time and you hire the first company you find, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars more. Set a reminder on your phone, on repeat every day, for 10 minutes of moving company research. If you need a rental truck only, these can also run out, so don’t wait until the day of your move, aim for 2-3 weeks ahead of time to reserve one. Also, make sure that you ask them exactly what they charge for, such as their fuel costs. If you absolutely have to move on a short notice, make sure that you call at least 3 moving or truck rental companies so that you can get a fair price for the area that you are in.
  2. Not moving during winter. Peak moving months are from July to September, and if you can avoid moving during these months, it will save you from not being able to reserve a truck or getting the highest moving quotes of the year.  It is much easier to move either towards the end of the year (because most families are more focused on the holidays and family visiting), or in the first few months of the year (when people are typically too busy with their new year at work and cleaning their home from the holidays to move).
  3. Fees, Fees, and MORE Fees. This commonly made moving mistake goes hand-in-hand with number one. If you do not do your research on the moving companies that are available in your area, you may get stuck with one that slaps on invisible fees…but they don’t have to be invisible, just ask them.
  4. Being Disorganized. Not having a set moving plan can end up costing you money, sprinkled here and there for your disorganization. Do yourself a favor and organize your belongings by room and then by importance or frailness. Estimate how many moving boxes you will need, and then stock up in advance. Stocking up on free boxes from local grocery stores can save you from having to spend $2 per box at a hardware store or from your mover. You can never be too organized or too prepared for a move.

Moving should not happen in a day and it should not even be truly completed within a week; unless you do not mind paying the price for not preparing for your move. The ideal moving prep time is 6-8 weeks in advance. If a moving company or rental truck company can, they will take advantage of your lack of knowledge and readiness. Doing a little research, being smart about where and when you get supplies, staging your move during an optimal month, being organized, and creating a moving budget will help you avoid moving mistakes, enjoy your move, and enjoy the way it looks on your bank account.