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Tips for Moving Across the Country

Moving in general is an exciting, but nerve wracking time. One thing that makes it even more nerve wracking is when that move is far enough away that you can’t take multiple trips to get your belongings from point A to point B. Anyone that has ever done it will tell you how stressful it is, and how there are things that are going to go wrong, but in the end it will all turn out alright. If you are moving across the country, here are some tips that could help ease the headaches and stress that are accompanied by such a big move.

The most important thing when making a cross country movie is planning. Having a set plan as to how to get everything loaded up and moved from A to B will greatly minimize the amount of stress that you have. Even if things end up straying away from your intended plan, at least you have something that you know you need to aim for. Along with having a good plan, planning ahead is the best thing to do. Some people recommend that you start planning your move at least eight weeks in advance, but in reality anything before that is even better. There’s a lot that goes into cross country moves, and cramming everything in last minute is a sure fire way to have a mental breakdown.

Then there is the rent a moving van vs sell all of your stuff debate. You can either rent a moving truck, keep your essential belongings, and drive to your destination, or you can sell everything, buy a plane ticket, and use the proceeds for the sale to buy new belongings. Whatever you choose to do, there are pros and cons to both. For the rent a moving van option, you won’t have to invest in new essentials, and you will already have what you need to get by in your new city, but moving trucks and gas can add up quick. And then for the sell everything option, it is a liberating experience that will allow you to truly let go of the city you are leaving, but when you arrive at your destination you will have to invest in a totally new life, which can get pricey. Both are viable options, and both have their benefits.

And one thing everyone who is moving across the country should know is that moving is stressful. Emotions will get the best of you sometimes, and that is okay. As long as you don’t have an excessive number of breakdowns, getting overwhelmed every now and then is totally normal. Sometimes when things get to be too much you need a few minutes to let your emotions overtake you, and then it is time to come back to reality, and finish your move. Don’t let the stress get the best of you, and everything will end up the way it is supposed to.