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Modern Home Accessory Trends

Fashion trends come and go, but some can last forever. Corpus Christi moving companies want you to know of the hottest, modern home accessory trends that are sweeping the country, but can also stand the test of time. Regardless of where you are moving to or from, these home trends are ones that you can implement in any style of home, across the country.

One home accessory trend that has never gone out of style and is particularly popular in the 21st century is Black and White décor.  Accents of black and white can have a vintage flair with classic flowers or Italian patterns, even paisleys; or it can twist to modern with fine lines, edges, and a sleek feel. An all white room with black pillows and patterns can give a room a modern feel.  Add a splash of red and you can be back with Audrey Hepburn in the 1930s.  So whether or not you live in the countryside of Georgia or a modern home in Beverly Hills, there is a black and white accessory to suit your style.

Colorful furniture is no stranger to the home accessory trends that surpass the years.  The 1950s featured colorful chairs, sofas, carpets, and dressers – all to match the bright wallpaper.  The 70s also followed the colorful trend, and it is definitely being carried into the 21st century.  Bringing color to a room does not have to mean painting the walls, there are a plethora of ways that you can incorporate a bright piece of furniture into your home in order to brighten up a room and add funk, flair, and fun.

Another popular home accessory trend increasing in popularity since the millennium, is statement mirrors. However, large decorative mirrors have been around since the existence of mirrors and we saw them back in the 1980s. On the other hand, statement mirrors are getting more popular as the years pass, and much more unique and beautiful. Just like black and white décor, statement mirrors can be found to match many different home decorating styles. From a traditional, yet elaborate wood framed mirror, to a modern stainless steel, geometrical mirror.

When the economy shifts out of the favor of the consumer, so do our trends; or at least, where we find home accessory items. Perhaps the biggest home accessory trend that is dominating the 2000s, is the DIY project and Thrifty décor. Since single objects keep increasing in price, people everywhere are looking for the cheaper option that they can do themselves. Want pretty candle holders? Instead of buying them at anywhere from $10 - $20, you can go to the local dollar store and find the jars, buy some glue and glitter, and make some pretty nice candle holders for under $5, that the candle can still do its purpose in. Want to create your own colorful furniture? Shop your local garage sales for a chair, end table, or dresser that just needs a little TLC, purchase some wood stain or paint, and make it look like new, yet vintage! Want a statement mirror that won’t cost you $200? Your local crafts store most likely sells small mirror boards without the frames, where you can then buy some supplies and create a handmade mirror frame.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to modern home accessory trends; if you get creative, you can create the ultimate space, with the coolest pieces, all custom and homemade…on a budget!