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What is a Micro-Apartment?

Micro-apartments are growing in popularity for people that live in city centers. If you’re looking to move to an urban area, you may want to consider a micro-apartment. You can rent a small apartment and reduce wasted space with this more affordable housing option. Our Corpus Christi movers discuss what a micro-apartment is and why people seem to love it.


Introduction to the Micro-Apartment

A micro-apartment is similar to a studio apartment. The unit includes a bedroom, living area, and kitchen in an open concept. The micro-apartment size is limited, with square footage between 200 and 400. With limited space, micro-apartments are designed for maximum efficiency. This is to remove the unused space often seen in standard apartments and homes.


Benefits of a Micro-Apartment

There are many benefits to a micro-apartment. When you downsize, there are other benefits to make the unit attractive to buyers.

Affordable – micro-apartments tend to be more affordable than a standard apartment. Instead of paying for unused space, save money with space you actually use. You don’t only save rent money, but also money on furniture and air conditioning.

Location – there is more demand for micro-apartments in cities, so most units are in prime locations. People give up space for the convenient location. Plus, micro-apartments tend to have high ceilings and big windows to create more space. Being in the city, you will have great views.

Environment – many renters enjoy the eco-friendly aspect of micro-apartments. Units use fewer resources because the space is smaller. The micro-apartment requires a lot less electricity. Additionally, people typically don’t have cars because of the great location.


Why Live in a Micro-Apartment?

Many people are interested in micro-apartments. However, twenty-somethings and young professionals are the majority of renters. This is because they are drawn to the idea of not being confined to one space for a long period of time. They can easily move with limited belongings and a short term lease. People want to be in the middle of the city and go through their day with ease.

Micro-apartments are especially attractive in areas with steep rent. Young professionals are willing to give up space for the cost savings. The rise in popularity of micro-apartments has made many renters curious. Similar to tiny homes, people want to learn about housing options that give them more financial freedom.


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