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How to Tip Your Moving Company

All My Sons Moving & Storage Corpus Christi holds great responsibility as they cater to all your moving needs. There are many different factors that you must consider when it comes to gratuity for your movers. Our Corpus Christi movers are here to help explain when and how to tip your moving company.

To figure out how and when you should properly tip your moving company, you must determine the nature of the job. To do so, you can ask yourself these questions:

How big is the move?
Do I have more than one level, and will the movers have to be taking the stairs or an elevator?
How many large pieces of furniture do I have to consider?
How long is it going to take to move everything – a few hours or all day?
Is gratuity added to my quote or the total?

After taking these things into consideration, it is important to pay attention to the movers and their demeanor throughout the move. If they are showing dedication and care for your belongings, exceptional service should be treated with appreciation – such as tipping your Corpus Christi movers.

You can tip your moving company the same way you would a server at a restaurant. Calculate gratuity based on the total amount of time they have spent taking care of your things, in addition to the quality of the service they’ve provided you with. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we believe that 5 percent of the total bill should go to each person of the moving crew, providing they have all shown good character throughout your relocation.

4-hour moves - $10 for each mover
8-hour moves - $20 for each mover
12-hour moves - $40 for each mover
Moves longer than 12 hours - $40-100 for each mover
Excess number of heavy items and furniture – add $10-20 more for each mover

These are just general guidelines on how to tip your moving company. You should never feel obligated to tip your movers- they are trained not to expect it and should never ask for it. If you feel that your Corpus Christi movers have done a standout job with the packing, transporting and moving services they provided, then you should feel welcome to show your appreciation.

When it comes time to tip your moving company, hand each person their tip individually. This not only shows that you appreciate each member of your Corpus Christi moving crew, but each person is getting the tip that you believe they deserve. You don’t have to tip each mover the same amount, either. If you notice one of the crew members is working harder than the other, feel free to provide them with a couple dollars more than the other person who seemed to be work less during the moving process. Don’t tip on top of the bill though- it will take forever to get to the movers who supported you on your moving day.

Local and long-distance movers should be tipped differently as well. Tips for long distance movers range anywhere from $50-200 for each mover. This is a large range, but this allows you more flexibility to show your gratitude.

When it comes time to tip your moving company, look back on this quick guide from your neighborhood Corpus Christi, Texas moving company to help you determine how much you should be providing each mover.