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Apps That Control Your Home

Forget to turn off the stove? Need to let a work crew in your home but can’t leave work in order to do it? With technologies getting more and more advanced each year, new innovations have made it so that homeowners can control things going on inside their homes, from miles away.  Between iPhones and Android phones, there is an app that can control the lighting in your home, the electrical outlets, wall switches, thermostat, and much more.

These are the top smartphone apps that control your home, provided by local Corpus Christi moving companies:

Philips Hue: This app allows you to control the Philips lightbulbs that you have installed in your home. These Wi-Fi connected LED bulbs can be turned on or off, dimmed, or even change colors, straight from a touchscreen dial on your phone. With a three-pack priced at $200, they can make a great housewarming gift or surprise construction element for your spouse when building a new home.

August Smart Lock: This home security app allows you to lock and unlock your home, straight from your mobile device. Designed by Yves Behar, you can add the device as an extension to an existing dead bolt, giving the permission to your phone. You can also grant access to other smart phones if you have a babysitter or out-of-town relatives visiting. For $200, this is an inexpensive way to add extra security to your home.

Belkin Wemo Switch & Motion: With kits starting at $80, you can install power sources that can turn on and off any device that you have plugged in. You can make sure that your hair straightener gets turned off, your coffee pot, the stove, clothes iron, etc.

Nest: Nest is a new home thermostat that you can control from your smartphone. For $250, you can install the Nest thermostat in your home and control its settings from your phone. When you leave the house to go to work in the morning, you can turn the temperature up or shut it off to save on electricity. Bonus feature: this thermostat will learn your temperature setting patterns and start to increase, decrease, or shut off, on its own. It will also let you know what the optimum temperature settings are for your home, in order to save you money and be energy efficient.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote: Control who is watching what, and in which room, on the television sets in your home. Be your own parental control by being able to monitor what your kids are watching when you are not home, and change the channel on them if you disapprove. For $350, you can also change the volume and set recordings.

Insteon for Hub: Another app where you can control things like your light bulbs, outlets, and thermostat; however, for roughly $99, it will also alert you if a motion or water leak sensor goes off.  

Get the most out of your moving experience and put these home security and control apps to good use; use your August Smart Lock to let All My Sons move your belongings into your new home!