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Professional Corpus Christi Packers Guide to Saving Space

When it comes to moving, never leave anything for the last minute. The more organized you are, the higher your chances will be of getting everything relocated without running into problems. The first thing that you’ll want to do is go through your belongings and determine exactly what you want to move. You’ll find that after taking inventory of your home, some of the things you own are collecting dust. Think about it, how many gifts have you received for birthdays and holidays that you have yet to open?

After figuring out what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of, make the call to All My Sons Moving & Storage to secure professional Corpus Christi packers. The sooner you schedule your moving services the better. If you choose not to use packing services to opt for a DIY move, then here are some important ways to save space while packing:


Eat All Perishable Foods

Packing the food in your kitchen for a move is fine, however perishable food items shouldn’t make it to the moving van at all. The conditions in the bed of a moving truck aren’t ideal for perishable goods. In fact, Corpus Christi moving companies won’t take food items that can potentially spoil or go rotten en route to the new home. This is to avoid creating an environment that will breed bacteria and attract insects. In the final weeks before the move in date, cook and eat everything you can. Ideally, you want to save all your grocery shopping until after you settle into your new home. Although perishable goods must be eaten as soon as possible, it’s a good idea to go through the non-perishables if time permits.


Sell or Donate Unwanted Items

If you’re going to move to a new home, make sure that you’re not taking up valuable packing space by bringing along things that you don’t want or need. There’s no point in keeping clothing that no longer fits or has become significantly outdated. Take the time to go through each room in your home and if you see something that you don’t want in your new home, set it aside. Yard sales are a fantastic way of recouping the money spent on packing supplies and professional Corpus Christi packers and movers. Anything that can’t be sold, can be donated to a friend, family member or a local donation center.


Pack Your Belongings More Efficiently

Moving isn’t easy, especially the packing portion which can be incredibly stressful. Approach packing like the game of Tetris. Put everything together in a way that allows you to meet your objective with as little pileup as possible. Don’t mix the contents of different rooms together. Each room should be packed and labeled separately to fall in line with the goal of being organized throughout the moving process.


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