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Employment Opportunities after Moving to Corpus Christi

Securing a job after you move to Corpus Christi may seem like an impossible feat if you are not equipped with the necessary resources and information. Luckily, Corpus Christi moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage does not want to hear that we moved you into your new home only to not find a job. In order to avoid this, our professional movers have come up with a list of resources and companies that employ the majority of residents in the area – making your move to Corpus Christi even easier!

After your Corpus Christi movers have finished getting you settled in, the job hunt is on! Since you need to know where to look for jobs in the area, here are a list of local job resources:

-          Indeed

-          Monster

-          Snagajob.com

-          City Jobs – City of Corpus Christi

-          Craigslist

-          Career Builder

-          Jobs in Corpus Christi

In case you are unaware of some of the companies who may be posting job ads and listings on the aforementioned sites, All My Sons Corpus Christi has a list of the city’s top employers. That way, you can get a feel of where the majority of residents in the city work.

Corpus Christi ISD is the school district, which employs over 5,000 residents.

CHRISTUS Spohn Health Systems is the local Corpus Christi hospital and it also employs over 5,000 residents.

H.E.B. is a grocery company that employs 5,000, more or less.

City of Corpus Christi is the city government, and they employ roughly 3,100 employees.

Other top companies that employ the majority of Corpus Christi residents fall into the following fields: healthcare, secondary education, construction, and many industries that relate to the Port of Corpus Christi. A handful of residents also work at Corpus Christi International Airport and Whataburger Field.

Regardless of your industry of specialty, there are numerous employment opportunities after moving to Corpus Christi if you know where to look. With over 65% of residents in the workforce and housing costs at a low of roughly $130,000 for a four bedroom home, Corpus Christi is the perfect city to move to in order to secure an industry job with retirement benefits and own your own home with confidence.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Corpus Christi can help make your move to the city one that you will not regret. With employment opportunities right along the Gulf of Mexico, known as the Sparkling City by the Sea, not only can you land a job, but it will also be a job within walking distance to the beach and many recreational activities for you and your whole family to enjoy.