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Top Elementary and Middle Schools in All of Corpus Christi

Moving to a new city or state with children can be extremely daunting when you have no idea where they should attend school. As parents, we always want what is best for our children and we know that a great education goes a long way. If you are moving to Corpus Christi and are looking for the perfect school for your child(ren) to attend, the local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage Corpus Christi have created a list of the city’s top ranked schools for you to take note of, take a tour, and enjoy your move to Corpus Christi!

Windsor Park G/T – Windsor Park Elementary School is rated as the best school in Corpus Christi. With under 700 students, you can rest assured that your child will be receiving the personalized schooling that they need to strive and be academically successful. Rated a 10 out of 10 by Great Schools – an online organization that ranks schools across the United States. With an International Baccalaureate program for gifted students, accelerated courses, great parent involvement, and a great arts and music program, parents adore Windsor Park Elementary in Corpus Christi and you will most likely find that your neighbors and even Corpus Christi movers’ children attend this great local school.

Early Childhood Development Center – Early Childhood Development Center is famously known for being the best PreK3-6 in all of Corpus Christi. If you are looking for your younger children to learn another language and be taught by Texas A&M students, then Corpus Christi movers suggest that you enter in the lottery to attend the Early Childhood Development Center as soon as you are sure that you are moving to Corpus Christi.

Seashore Middle Academy – Seashore Middle Academy (SMA) is a college preparatory school with strong math and science programs but for middle school ages. Perhaps the most shocking aspect that unsettles parents at first about Seashore Middle Academy is the lack of grading. However, SMA’s dedication to teaching and knowing every single parent by name is what makes the school so special. Children’s individual concerns can be addressed, met, and assuaged, offering a customizable learning experience.

London Elementary School – London Elementary School is where so many local youth attend and is not as challenging to get into as some of the other aforementioned schools for youth. Falling just short of Windsor Park G/T, with a rating of 9 out of 10, London Elementary School has a larger teacher to student ratio since its booming growth in 2009. In conjunction with a high school, students are able to transition from the elementary school to the middle and high school seamlessly, and maintain the same friends along the way.

Make your move to Corpus Christi and your child’s assimilation into a new school simple with help from All My Sons Moving & Storage. Let us move you in and take some time to tour these amazing schools for your children – from our family to yours!