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Eco Friendly Cleaning in Corpus Christi

Tossing out unwanted items, junk and garbage is a necessary part of keeping a tidy and organized home. However, with landfill problems throughout the country and an excess of discarded items, the Corpus Christi movers want to help share tips on de-cluttering your home in an eco-friendly way.

Electronics are a big area where items can’t simply be tossed out. Televisions, media players, cell phones and other items create toxic waste when they are left to rot in a landfill. Listing iPods, computers, and other items on eBay or taking them to a local electronics big bin store like Best Buy could put a few dollars back in your pocket. Charitable organizations like RecycleforCharities.com and RecycleforBreastCancer.org are two great sites to look into.

Printer cartridges are another item that can be toxic when left in a landfill. Staples has created a way to make recycling printer cartridges easy-peasy, just bring in your old ones and they will recycle it for you, while also giving you $3 credit towards a new one.

Greenphone.com is a great way to recycle your old cell phones. You can even donate your phone to an organization like CellPhonesforSoldiers.com that will give your discarded cell phone to a soldier.

Clothes should never, ever be tossed in the garbage. Someone somewhere could benefit from your unwanted jeans or sweaters. Programs like Dress for Success can redistribute your old corporate clothes towards people seeking employment and needing professional attire.

Furniture can be donated to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, and they often will come to you and pick up the furniture for free. Selling items on Craigslist for local pick up is also an option.

Shoes can be used all over the world by those less fortunate. Simply tossing shoes in the garbage is a terrible act, as they will just sit and contribute to global garbage. Visit Soles4Souls.org and donate your old shoes to someone in need of a pair. Nike will also donate your shoes through NikeReuseaShoe.com.

Books can be sold to specialty bookstores, on Amazon.com, sent to soldiers via BooksforSoldiers.com, and swapped for other books via PaperBackSwap.com.

CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, cassettes, and video games can be properly recycled through GreenDisk.com. This should be your choice of recycling rather than simply tossing these items in the trash.