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Decorating With Color in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas…even color! If you have been house hunting for a fixer-upper in Corpus Christi for you and your family to live in, or if you are looking to buy, renovate, and flip a home, local moving companies can share their experience when it comes to decorating with color.

- When it comes to decorating a home with a new color, most homeowners get color-shy, sticking to neutrals in order to not ruin the room that they are working on with an overbearing color. However, you do not have to be afraid of bold colors, as long as you find a great color scheme and palette to stick to.

- If a room already has a lot of color and you are still looking to change it, keep into consideration the colors in the room that you would like to keep. If you like a particular piece of artwork or décor that is in the room, use the colors that are in it in order to accentuate it. Other colors that you will want to be aware of in a room are the colors from outside if there are large windows, and any colors in the flooring or countertops. There may be a color that you have overlooked that will clash with certain colors that you may be considering.

- Once you narrow down the paint colors that you are choosing from, purchase some paint boards and paint each one with each color. Paint boards are a great way to test how a color reacts in a room. You can move the paint boards all around the room, open the curtains and doors, and turn on and off the lights to see how the color looks in the room, at all times.

- Typically, it is recommended to paint smaller rooms with lighter colors, making the room seem larger. However, if a room is not abnormally small you can get away with a bolder, darker color and white trim. Painting the walls a darker color and adding white trim will help add style to a small room. You can then go minimalistic on the décor and patterns. Perhaps opt for modern, clean-lined furniture to make the room look simple, in contrast to the bold walls.

- If you are moving into a furnished Corpus Christi home or rental, you can add subtle pops of color by adding decorative throw pillows, lampshades, adding a reupholstered chair to a room, or changing the lighting fixtures to those with more decorative style. You can also look up some DIY projects for little decorative table and wall pieces that you can add.

All My Sons wants you to make the most out of your new home and add your personal style to Corpus Christi living. Here in Texas, we love bold! One last tip to making your Corpus Christi home stand out and adding a pop of color: paint your front door a bold color such as red, bright navy blue, or black; you can even just paint the door frame for a bold entrance to your new home.