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How to Clean Your New Home After a Move

Your new home may have looked squeaky clean when you last saw it, but with Corpus Christi movers coming in and out of the house, it is time to give your new home a brand-new cleaning. No matter how labor-intensive this job may be, there is no better feeling than giving your new home a clean start.

Start by Getting Cleaning Supplies

In order to clean your new home after a move, you have to first acquire the proper cleaning materials needed to do the job. Below are some of the items you will need in order to clean your home.

•Rubber Gloves




•Cleaning Products





•Step Ladder

•Face Mask (To protect against dust and harsh chemicals)


Start with the Bathroom

Now that you have required the proper supplies to clean your new home after a move, the first room you should make a beeline for is the bathroom. This is probably the first room you’re really going to use when you move in. You’re not going to cook right away, you could order out. There’s nowhere to sleep yet because the furniture isn’t built and if you wanted to take a nap, you could lie on the couch. But the bathroom is a place that will be used even in the middle of unloading boxes because people have to answer nature’s call. Therefore, it should be the first place you clean in your new home after moving in. Not only is this one of the smaller rooms to clean, but it is also important that this room is the cleanest in the house. Thoroughly scrub down the shower and toilets. Clean the sinks and wipe down the mirrors, handles, and doorknobs.


Moving on to the Bedroom Cleaning

Once you have cleaned your bathroom, you may now enter the second phase; bedrooms. While this job may take a lot longer you want your bedrooms to be fresh and clean since this is the room meant for relaxation, both in the morning as you wake up and the evenings as you’re winding down for bed every day. Look for cobwebs and dust in the upper corners of the walls and windowsill. If you have carpet, vacuum it several times; carpet can trap a lot of dust and other particles that might not all get sucked into the vacuum the first time. You want to fall asleep in a fresh, clean room after an exhausting day.


Kitchen and Appliances

The kitchen will be the biggest job to clean in your new home. Don’t forget you have the stove, microwave, refrigerator and other appliances that should get a good cleaning in this room. Wipe down the entire refrigerator because honestly, when was the last time your refrigerator got a good cleaning? Scrub the stovetop. If you have an oven with a self-cleaning mode, turn it on. If now, get ready to put in a little elbow grease. All your food is stored and prepared in the kitchen, which can attract both critters and bacteria when it’s not clean, so it’s important to start with a thorough cleaning before you even start stocking it.


Don’t Forget About Air Ducts and Air Filters

One last thing: don’t forget to replace all the air filters and clean the air ducts. Dust easily collects in air ducts and people often forget to replace their air filters monthly or every other month and they usually end up quite dirty.


To help with your move, contact our local Corpus Christi movers to learn more about our moving services. We hope this guide helps and happy cleaning!