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Calculating the Costs for Moving to Corpus Christi

Many families move during the prime moving months of June, July, and August since their children are out of school and able to dedicate more time to moving. During that process, homeowners pack their belongings, find a local moving company that will come and help them load a moving truck, and drive to their new residence. Seems simple, right?

When it comes to moving long distance, most homeowners forget to calculate the cost for moving. Corpus Christi moving companies, like All My Sons Moving & Storage, want you to be aware of the many personal costs that are associated with moving. Make sure to check out this list of things to take into consideration when calculating the costs for moving to Corpus Christi.

  1. Flying – If you are moving to Corpus Christi and need to fly to your new destination, you will want to calculate the costs of not only each person’s flight, but also the in-flight charges and charges for checking luggage. Keep in mind that most homeowners who choose to move and fly to their new city are most likely hiring the help of a full service moving company to move their belongings and vehicles.
  2. Moving by Car –Most families choose to forgo flying in lieu of driving when moving to Texas. If this is the case, then you have a lot you need to take into account when budgeting and calculating the costs for moving to Corpus Christi.

-          Gas and Car Maintenance – While you already know to fill your car up with gas, you will also want to make sure that you check all fluids, have the oil changed, and check the tire pressures before embarking on the road trip to your new home. Also, when is the last time you had your brakes or brake pads changed? That’s something that you will want to look into having done if you haven’t in a while. AAA has a great tool for calculating gas prices, as well as roadside assistance packages you may want to consider if you are driving long-distance.

-          Tolls – If the route you take requires tolls, Corpus Christi movers suggest that you add that to your budget.

-          Lodging – Perhaps one of the most unfortunate aspects of long-distance moving to Corpus Christi, you might have to stop and sleep somewhere overnight. Visit travel sites online and map out a halfway point or a good destination to stop and stay overnight in. If you are really optimistic and are trying to make your move to Corpus Christi more fun via road trip, you can choose a hotel in an area you would like to sight-see with your family – turning your move into a family vacation. To avoid lodging costs altogether, create shifts if there is more than one person who is old enough to drive.

-          Food – Road trips require stopping for food and bathroom breaks. When calculating the costs for moving to Corpus Christi, determine how much money each person can spend on each meal during the long drive to your new home. Allot $10 for breakfast, $10-$15 for lunch, and $20-$25 for dinner depending on what you like to eat. You can also keep it simple by grabbing drive-thru meals or packing a cooler. Regardless, Corpus Christi movers suggest that you consider meal costs in your moving budget.

3. Entertainment – If you are moving to Corpus Christi and have decided to drive, or even schedule a layover in a city that you would like to explore, make sure that you have enough money for souvenirs or activities that you and your family can do during your pit stops.
4. Emergencies – Whether you are moving via airplane or car, you should make sure that you have at least a couple hundred dollars cash on you in case of an emergency.
5. Keep Receipts – In case you are eligible to use your move as a tax write-off, keep the receipts for any car maintenance, gas, and food you purchase.