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Neighborhoods in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is the epitome of diverse. There are houses that would fit right in in LA, and then there are the not so good neighborhoods that you see in every city. Overall, the majority of neighborhoods are nice middle class neighborhoods with decent sized houses that are quite affordable. When it comes to choosing where you live, it’s all a matter of what you’re looking for. If you are thinking of moving to Corpus Christi, rest assured, Corpus has it all.

 For young single people, downtown is perfect. With trendy lofts, affordable apartments, and the bay within walking distance, it’s no wonder why people love downtown. And not to mention all of the excitement. There are all sorts of festivals, and the art walk, along with all of the bars that are within walking distance. For the average young person, downtown is the place to live.

For young families, the south side is one of the better neighborhoods. The south side is the relatively newer side of town, and it has some of the best schools in town. Not to mention it has new restaurants and shopping centers. The homes are the perfect size for a growing family, and there are spacious yards for little ones to run around in. It’s an affordable side of town that has all of the amenities that families are typically looking for.

One of the nicest neighborhoods is right along the bay. There is nothing quite like cruising down Ocean Drive to clear your mind. There is something so cathartic about driving along the water with the windows down and the radio up. This neighborhood is on the older side, but the houses are all well maintained. The houses are all spacious and the yards are even bigger. Not to mention all of the trees. Because the neighborhood is older, the trees are all well established and beautiful. The schools are also very good, and it is the definition of a family friendly neighborhood. Although, with the nice houses that are close to the water, there is quite the price tag. But, can you put a price on happiness?

For those beach lovers, there is The Island, aka Padre Island. Just a short drive over the bridge from town, The Island is the perfect place for anyone that wants to live in a beach town. Flip flops are an essential item in everyone’s wardrobe. If Padre Island isn’t beach towny enough for you, a twenty minute drive down highway 361 to Port Aransas will surely do the trick. Port A is a tiny little beach town that will melt your heart. With beautiful, well maintained beaches and a thriving community, it will make even the grouchiest landlubber want to hang ten.

Corpus Christi has something for everyone. Whether it be the young family that wants good schools, or young singles that want a thriving night life, or even the beach bum that wants to live in a small beach town, Corpus is the place to be.