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Top-Rated Aransas Pass Venues and Attractions

If you are moving to Texas, you don’t have to miss out on water activities and the beach. Arsansas Pass is one of Texas’ moving destinations that is right on the Gulf of Mexico. What do the locals in Arsansas Pass love to do? Go fishing!

If you are moving to Arsansas Pass and would like to spend the day fishing, but your wife and kids don’t, there are a variety of top-rated venues and attractions they can visit instead. Have an Arsansas Pass mover, like All My Sons, unpack your belongings. They unpack everything - right down to hanging up your clothes and arranging them in your dresser drawers. While they are unpacking for you, check out these local hot spots!

Arsansas Pass Aquatic Center – Fully equipped to meet the aquatic needs of children of all ages, Arsansas Pass Aquatic Center has three large slides and a kiddie area for your youngest children. Getting hungry? There is no need to leave the park, because it has a food and drink bar as well.

Rialto Theater – This little theater offers an intimate setting and an art gallery, located right in the middle of town. Known as having some of the best music, entertainment, and plays in the entire state of Texas, Rialto Theater is always the center of attention for Arsansas Pass families on the weekends.

Butter Churn – Much like the name sounds, this country restaurant is rated the number one restaurant in Arsansas Pass. Butter Churn is a unique venue that exactly resembles old red barn. For the best country cooking in town, Butter Churn is the place to go.

Redfish Willies Waterfront Grill – Of course, if you are moving to Arsansas Pass, you are most likely doing so in order to enjoy the water. Arsansas Pass movers love Redfish Willies Waterfront Grill, and it is one of the first places that you should take your family for dinner after moving to the area. The gorgeous waterfront views are what makes Redfish Willies a local favorite – other than the great food that is.

Surrender at Sunrise – This one is for the dads, grandpas, or just plain ole’ fashioned fish lovers. Surrender at Sunrise is rated as the best controlled fishing trip venue in Arsansas Pass. Pretty soon, you’ll be friends with the infamous Captain Dave as well.

Aside from the top-rated Arsansas Pass venues and attractions, there are numerous other activities that you and your family can enjoy every weekend after you finish moving in.  Being on the Gulf of Mexico, take your pick at canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, and pretty much any water sport of your choice. The best thing about living in Arsansas Pass is being able to live in Texas, yet still enjoy the beach and tropical atmosphere.