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Thompson's Station At A Glance

Scenic, Historic Thompson's Station

In 1870, the first person to stake a claim in what is today Thompson’s Station was Edward Swanson. Unfortunately poor relations with local Native Americans caused him to retreat to nearby Fort Nashboro and there was no European settlement for 20 years. By the beginning of the 19th century settlement began anew and one of the first brick buildings was built by the Giddens family, this house still stands and is known as Homestead Manor.

By the 1830s the town was growing steadily and was renamed several times. By mid century railroad service arrives and the town flourishes. In 1856 Dr. Elijah Thompson donates land for the construction of the railroad and the town is renamed for him. With the coming of the Civil War a number of famous battles were fought in the area, battles like The Battle of Stones River and the Battle of Franklin were some of the bloodiest of the war. On March 5th 1863 the Battle of Thompson’s Station was fought between Union forces of Col. John Coburn and the Confederate forces of Gen. Earl van Dorn. The outnumbered Confederates won the day thanks to a series of brilliant flanking maneuvers.

In the 20th century Thompson’s Station continued to be a regional crossraods. By mid century mining activity brought a surge in activity as chemical companies began mining the phosphate rich soil of the area. By the 60s the emergence of the national highway system led to a downtown in rail travel and the train depot was dismantled. In 1990 the town was officially incorporated.

Today Thompson’s Station is a friendly community with rural roots within a short driving distance from Nashville and Murfreesboro. Our town is full of history with sites like the rebuilt train depot and the Homestead Manor.  The rolling hills and beautiful forests are a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the big city. If you’re looking for country living with easy access to “Music City” Thompson’s station may be right for you. If you are considering a move to our pastoral community call your friends in the moving business, All My Sons Moving & Storage.