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Spring Hill At A Glance

Welcome To Spring Hill

What is now known as Spring Hill was originally hunting ground for the Chickasaw, Cherokee and Shawnee tribes. The rich vegetation and abundant supply of water was a natural attraction to wildlife and Native American tribes. European settlers, moving west from the newly formed United States began to explore the area in the 18th century and soon a community emerged. The arrival of a railroad link to Nashville spurned growth. The city was established 1809.

With the coming of the Civil War life became difficult in Spring Hill.  Several battles were fought in and around the city, culminating in the one of the Confederacy’s last offensives an attempt to take Nashville. The Battle of Spring Hill in 1864 was a prelude to the infamous Battle Of Franklin one of the war’s last major battles. In the wake of the war the town grew. Spring Hill was known nationally for the breeding of livestock, its rich pastures, agriculture and for its dedication to quality education. 

In 1980 Spring Hill was changed forever with the arrival of General Motors’ Saturn Plant. What had once been a largely agricultural town quickly mushroomed into an industrial powerhouse. New people, in great numbers, changed the small town into a city. For 3 consecutive years Spring Hill has been voted one of Tennessee’s “Top 5 Business Friendly Cities”. The arrival of many trained professionals and highly skilled workers has led to a blossoming in the arts, business, and education.

Today Spring Hill continues to thrive, having experienced over 200% growth in the last 10 years. Bur business isn’t the only attraction in our beautiful city. Outdoor activities abound, many are what one would expect such as hunting and fishing, but during the winter skiing is available just hours away in Gatlinburg. Spring Hill has great cultural attractions including the world famous Rippavilla Plantation, a fully restored 19th century estate.

Spring Hill is a great place to raise a family. Boasting five schools, the city has a long tradition of commitment to education. The affordable cost of living and abundant open spaces are perfect for kids. Activities from horseback riding to go cart racing are available and the city of Spring Hill offers many kid friendly events.

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