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Get to Know Your Murfreesboro Neighborhood

You have finally arrived and settled into your new Murfreesboro home and are more than ready to start getting know your community and what your new city has to offer. Wondering where you should begin? Think of getting to know your new community like a “city orientation”. Murfreesboro movers has compiled a list of simple ways to introduce yourself to the neighborhood and get you feeling like a local.

1. Check out what your neighbors are saying – The internet is a great resource to have once you move to Murfreesboro. You will be able to research what the people around you are saying about restaurants, grocery stores, clothing boutiques, etc. and get the head’s up on the best places to go. Once you have done some research, go explore what your neighbors are talking about and form your own opinions.

2. Order the local paper – Yes, we know you can get all your breaking local news on your mobile device, but you will get a better sense of hominess thumbing through the pages of a local Murfreesboro newspaper.

3. Buy a guide to Murfreesboro – While you are taking breaks from packing for your move to Murfreesboro, take some time to look through a few tourist guidebooks. The authors of these informative guides know what they are talking about when it comes to the ins and outs of Murfreesboro, and depending on what you are looking for, they can point you in all the right directions.

4. Sign up for a library card – you may or may not end up using, but acquiring a Murfreesboro library card with help make you feel more like a resident and less like a visitor.

5. Get a gym membership – if you enjoy working out, join the local gym or rec center. This will give you the opportunity to meet people with common interests and form new friendships once you move to Murfreesboro. Plus, it will help you stay in shape and maintain your health.

6. Join a community group – Whether it’s a local church or an online Facebook group, connect with people who meet on a regular basis and share information about your community. By joining a group when you move to Murfreesboro, you’ll be given opportunities to meet new people, visit new destinations and accomplish new things in your neighborhood.

7. Take a guided tour – Sure, it may seem “touristy”, but taking a tour of Murfreesboro will give you a stronger sense of the city you’ve moved to. Afterwards, you will have well-known landmarks noted and can begin exploring on your own from there.

8. Stop at a local farmers market – Strike up conversation with local farmers and vendors while supporting small business. You’ll also find organic fruits and vegetables along with delicious homemade treats to stock your fridge with.

9. Visit the museums – Knowing the history of your new city will be a big part of becoming a resident of Murfreesboro. Visit the battle grounds from the Civil War at Stone River Battlefield or Cannonsburgh Pioneer Village to explore the history of early settlers who moved to Murfreesboro