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All About Sports Teams in St Louis

When it comes to sporting events, St. Louis does not have a shortage. With three national professional teams, there is always a game to go watch, and sometimes even practices to see. When you move to St. Louis it is imperative that you see a national league game at some point, whether it be National Hockey League, National Football League, or Major League Baseball. The St. Louis Blues are the hockey team, the Rams are the football team, and the Cardinals are the baseball team. This dynamic trio will keep you occupied almost pretty much all year round.

Regular season for Major League Baseball usually starts in April, and runs until October. For Cardinals fans, living in St. Louis is one of the greatest aspects of their lives, because they have the ability to watch their favorite team in action at practices before regular season games. Not only do you get to enjoy the wonderful world that is Major League Baseball, but you also get to experience your favorite players and see them in the zone before the game starts. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

For those National Hockey League fans out there St. Louis is the place to be. Much like the Cardinals, you are able to watch the Blues’ practices, but unlike the cardinals you can go pretty much whenever they are practicing, and it doesn’t have to be right before a game. The team practices in an ice rink that is open to the public year round, and you can go watch them practice pretty much any time. Their schedule does change frequently though, so calling ahead to make sure that they are indeed practicing is a good idea. Another bonus, it is free. So sit back, relax, and prepare to experience your favorite hockey team in their natural environment.

And last, but not least, for those football fans out there you get the same benefits as the other two teams. Rams fans can watch practices and scrimmages while the team gets ready for regular season. When two-a-days start in late July, the public is welcomed to come and watch their favorite players in action. The team also holds one scrimmage before the season starts, and fans are also welcomed to this as well. The Rams training facility is located in nearby Earth City, Missouri, which is not too far from St. Louis. Keep in mind that everything at both the Rams’ and the Blues’ training facilities are free and open to the public.

If you are a sports fan, St. Louis is the place for you. Not only do you get to experience your favorite teams during the regular season, but you can also experience them while they are training and getting ready for season. This is an experience that isn’t typically offered almost year round, and it is an opportunity to connect with the teams. Go St. Louis!