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How to Make Moving Easier With These 13 Simple Hacks

Moving does not have to be a stressful situation, especially when you use local St. Louis movers like All My Sons Moving & Storage. Make moving easier with these 13 simple hacks from professional St. Louis movers. Luckily, they have already handled the hard part and found the most efficient ways to help make your move painless!

  1. Kills two birds with one stone by using your clothing to wrap and pad your fragile items.
  2. Take photos of your electronics before you pack them. That way, you will be able to hook them without having to refer back to the instructions after you get to your new home.
  3. Save yourself some time by putting saran wrap over your utensil tray. All you have to do is unwrap it once you get to your new home.
  4. Before moving day, make any necessary arrangements with local charities in order to have them come pick up any donations. You will be thanking yourself later when you have one less task to worry about on moving day.
  5. Have snacks and drinks ready for your movers on moving day. Well-fed and hydrated movers are much more likely to get the job done faster, and it will definitely not go unappreciated!
  6. Stand toilet paper tubes upright in a box in order to create a convenient organizer for all of your electronic cords.
  7. In need of multiple garment bags? Group a set of 12 clothes on hangers and put a trash bag over them. Poke the hanger through the middle of the closed end and voila, you have yourself the world’s most inexpensive garment bag!
  8. Instead of packing your socks away, ball them up and use them as padding in the gaps of boxes. This will stop any items from moving around during your move to St. Louis.
  9. Use moving and packing as a chance to declutter items that you have no use for anymore. Once you are done, donate them to a local charity or toss it out.
  10. Order stickers that have your new address on them and have them on-hand in your wallet or purse. This moving hack can save you a lot of stress when it comes time to change your address.
  11. Another use for empty toilet paper rolls – connect your necklaces and bracelets around them. That way, you won’t have to worry about them getting tangled.
  12. Use small Ziploc bags to contain screws and any other small parts. This will prevent you from losing any important parts needed to reassemble furniture.
  13. Start packing in the kitchen. This is where most of the complicated items to pack are, and it will make the rest of your packing and moving be a breeze.