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Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades for Your Florissant Home

When looking at new homes, the kitchen always gets the most attention. That is because this room is the one that is most frequently renovated. The styles of appliances, sinks, flooring and cabinetry are always evolving, so kitchens can look outdated quickly. Your Florissant moving company is all too familiar with families finding amazing homes that they do not purchase because of the kitchen. If you recently bought a Florissant home like this, you do not have to wait to save for an expensive kitchen renovation. There are tons of things that you can do to dramatically change the way your kitchen looks, without breaking the bank.

  • Starting with the simplest of changes - a coat of fresh paint can work wonders to bring your kitchen back to life. Choose a warm and welcoming color that will be able to stand the (literal) heat of the kitchen. Opt for stain-resistant and scrubbable paint, as your kitchen is likely to get a bit dirty from time to time.
  • Cabinets are expensive, but cabinet hardware is not. Changing out cheap plastic handles and hardware with decorative stainless steel or copper ones, makes a huge difference in the appeal of a kitchen. You can get really nice hardware for about $2 each. If your existing cabinets are still a wreck, you can make them a heck of a lot better with some paint. Sand them down, prime them, and paint them a neutral color. Add the hardware, and your kitchen will look completely different.
  • Kitchen backsplashes can really tie the room together. If your kitchen does not have one, you can buy the backsplash tiles, and grout and seal it yourself. Just make sure that you measure the area and have just the right amount of tiles. If that is too involved for you, or your kitchen already has a backsplash that you do not want to remove, you can buy self-adhesive mosaic backsplash tiles. They are really simple to use and can dramatically improve the look of your kitchen.
  • If you have a big kitchen that feels a bit empty, building an island would be great, but it will come with a big price tag. Instead, you can buy an island much cheaper. Many have wheels, which may be convenient so that you can move it around, but plenty of styles have legs instead. Shop around and find one that goes best with your kitchen!
  • Linoleum or vinyl flooring can really date a kitchen and make it look shabby. Upgrading your kitchen’s flooring to something like stone will give it a much more modern look. It is relatively easy to install and inexpensive at about $2 to $5 per square foot, and it cleans in a snap. If laying your own tile is out of the question, you can remove the linoleum flooring, which will almost certainly reveal concrete. It may still have the adhesive glue on the concrete, which can be a pain to remove. A wide scraper will remove the glue, but it can be time consuming. If your kitchen is large, rent a floor scraping machine from a hardware store, and the glue will be removed in no time! Then you can clean and paint your floor without a problem; and shiny concrete floors are the newest trend!

The kitchen is where families gather. Make yours modern and sleek, with simple and inexpensive kitchen upgrades. With a little bit of hard work, your Florissant kitchen will look like it has been totally renovated!