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How to Decorate For a Neighborhood Barbecue

Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood than by hosting a neighborhood barbecue at your new St. Louis home. However, St. Louis movers suggest that you get ready to send out invitations to the entire block, because residents here love a good barbecue. After all, what better way to make friends in your city other than by inviting them over for a night of fun that they won’t forget!

What do you do if the thought of having to organize and decorate for an outdoor party overwhelms you, especially after just having your St. Louis movers drop you and your family off at your new home? Well, have no fear, because All My Sons Moving & Storage has a list of easy ways to decorate for a neighborhood barbecue. With these ideas, you will be enjoying the party in no time!

Choose Colors

In order to spice up the appearance of your backyard barbecue, choose a color scheme that will pull together the whole look of your backyard. Once you have chosen three main colors, use those to choose barbecue necessities like paper plates, napkins, balloons, table cloths, and any other fun decorations you want to add to the mix. St. Louis movers also suggest that if you have time, incorporate cushion covers for your backyard furniture in the same colors of your party theme. Not only will it look like you put the extra effort towards decorating for your barbecue, but it will also make sure that your guests are comfortable.

DIY Buffet

Once all of the food is cooked, where will you put it? If you plan on having a casual barbecue with lots of snacks, sides and desserts, then organizing everything on a buffet table will make your life much easier after moving to St. Louis and not having your home set up to accommodate a buffet yet. Since you forgot to pack a buffet table with your St. Louis moving company, create one yourself in a jiffy! The easiest way to make a DIY buffet table is to lay a hollow door or a thick piece of plywood over sawhorses and place a table cloth over it. With you simple steps you have yourself a buffet table! And the best part about it? It’s as easy to take down afterwards as it is to put up.

All of the Lights

A quick and inexpensive way to illuminate your neighborhood barbecue is to light it up – literally! Wrap strings of lights around an umbrella, your backyard tree trunks, and through your lattice (if you have one). You can even suspend them above your guest’s heads for more rustic atmosphere. For added effect, line up lanterns along the path to your home and place candle-filled or solar lanterns on your patio tables to complete the mood. Just don’t be surprised if you see your neighbor do the same thing at the next barbecue they host!