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3 Common Mistakes When Hiring Moving Companies

Hiring a moving company is a decision that is not to be taken lightly. For example, there are several Ballwin moving companies in St. Louis, but how do you know which is the best fit for you? How can you be sure that they will take the best care of your belongings? Hiring movers can be a daunting task and without research, people end up hiring moving companies that fall under their desired requirements. So, what are some of the most common mistakes to try and avoid?

1. Focusing too much on pricing can steer you wrong.

When hiring movers, you should never be fooled by pricing. Prices can often be misleading when working with moving companies. Naturally, requesting several quotes from different companies is important to know the average price for your move, but do not be misled by exceptionally low prices. The lowest price may not always remain the lowest price. In addition, some Ballwin moving companies may advertise a low price in return for poor quality service. When looking to hire movers, it is important to not focus your attention on price and instead, consider what the moving company offers and how they base their pricing. It is also important to understand how their pricing works. Is it a binding estimate or a non-binding estimate? Companies that use non-binding estimates can change the pricing at any time during the move, at which point there is nothing you can do to combat them. Binding estimates provide a more accurate pricing and can leave you with less surprises.

Not checking out a company’s reviews and legitimacy can cause trouble later.

When hiring movers, it is also important to check their credentials. All legitimate Ballwin moving companies should have insurance and a DOT number. This allows potential customers to learn more about the moving company’s background. A common mistake when hiring movers is trusting everything the moving company says and taking it for face value. The best tactic when looking for movers is to gather their DOT number and research it in the Department of Transportation database. After learning that the company has adequate insurance and is in fact licensed to operate in your state, look for customer reviews. Research is essential when hiring qualified movers.

Withholding important information from movers.

Another common mistake made when hiring movers is not providing enough information when requesting estimates. To ensure you receive the most accurate estimate, it is imperative that the moving company is made aware of any difficulties or issues that may arise during the move. Of course, the moving company will know to ask the basics, but for example, if your home has limited parking for the movers to park the truck or if parking is very far from your home, it would be best to mention this to the movers to avoid unexpected charges on the day of the move. In addition, it is important to not be shy when asking for pricing. Inquire about any other potential costs that may arise in a move. This can help jog your memory of any additional information you should provide to avoid any surprises.