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Packing Company OR DIY Packing- Which is Better?

There are many factors that go into a move, and you have the option to move by yourself or to hire a professional packing company that will handle the entire process. Making this choice can seem stressful, however you should choose the option that fits your needs, budgets, and timelines the best, and there are benefits for each route. All My Sons San Antonio packing company give you the pros and cons to each option in hopes of making your decision a lot easier. We want you to make the choice that is best for you during your moving process.


By moving yourself, you are ensuring total control throughout the whole process and you have the power of deciding exactly how you want your items packaged and transported. There are many DIY packing tips that you can follow if you decide to choose this option. Creating an in-depth plan of action will set you up for success during the packing stage. If you are on a tight moving budget, this might be the best route for you in that you won’t need to hire a packing company.

The cons to this option include the actual transportation of your heavy items as well as the extensive planning that is required. You will have to do all the heavy-lifting, which can come with a lot of hard work and sweat. DIY packing includes dedicating a lot of time aside which can affect your work schedule. Many people will agree that this option creates a lot of stress, however it may fit your needs the best if you have a smaller budget. Consider all these factors when making your decision to pack up and move your home yourself.

San Antonio Packing Company

A lot of people wish to hire a San Antonio packing company so that they won’t have to lift a finger during the process. There is a huge benefit for this option, since you can leave all the lifting and packing work to the professionals. Moving companies will also provide an efficient move since they have plenty of experience in moving people every week. Your items will less likely become damaged with the proper packing techniques put in place. You can rest assured knowing that a professional packing company will handle all your moving needs in a timely fashion.

Of course, a downfall can be the cost of a professional moving service. Moving fees will add up and you will need to establish a budget if you decide this is the best move for you. Some people may also not feel comfortable with opening their home to movers, and establishing trust is key for any packing company. Packing companies have certain packing methods they use to make a move efficient, and they may not organize your belongings to your liking. Make sure you think about all these components that could potentially influence your decision. Talk with our moving coordinators and learn about our trusted reputation nationwide.

If you decide the best decision for you is to hire a moving company, contact our San Antonio packing company for the best care and service!