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All Inclusive Packing Guide- San Antonio Movers

While moving to a new home is an exciting time for the whole family, the process can be very overwhelming and stressful. The tedious process of moving starts with packing your belongings up and getting them properly prepared for transportation. Having a solid plan put in place before you start executing the move will ensure success and happiness in the long run. Luckily, our San Antonio Movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have created the perfect packing guide for you to use during your next move. Follow our tips and suggestions for an effective and stress-free packing process. Moving can be seamless and easy with the help from the pros!

Preparation is Key

First thing’s first—When you begin the process of packing, you want to make sure you are taking it one step at a time to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed. Take it one day at a time and one room at a time. When you begin to plan how to tackle each room, think about how many packing supplies you will need and estimate the time it will take you to pack up your items. Go through each room and decide which items are ready to be thrown away. Avoid as much clutter as possible and the process of purging can feel freeing when you will have less items to pack up. Make checklists for every room with what you will be moving so that you will stay organized and focused. We suggest you start your preparation 2 months before your move to ensure success.

Gear up on Packing Supplies

Now that you finished organizing, you will have a clear picture of the amount of packing supplies you will need for your entire move. Purchasing your packing supplies is the next step in the packing guide. Each room should have a set number of boxes and labels ready to go for packing. You can find the most durable boxes at your nearest Home Depot or you can try finding free ones at your local San Antonio grocery store. We suggest you acquire more boxes than you think you need since your early predictions could be wrong with the number of items that fit within each box. Don’t forget other main packing supplies such as markers, packaging tape, cords, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts.

Properly Pack your Items

You should treat all your items with care, however there are fragile items that need to be packaged and handled in a certain way. Purchasing the appropriate sized specialty boxes will ensure your items make it to your new home undamaged. These specialty boxes are designed with a thicker wall lining that provides extra durability and protection. Unusual shaped items should include paper wrappings in the crevices for safety. You may want to purchase wardrobe boxes that will make your life a lot easier when unpacking. Every item must be placed in the right box with the right wrapping material.

We hope that this packing guide from your San Antonio Movers is helpful and allows you to ensure an efficient packing process, with no added stress!