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Best Apps to Help You Move

Moving to South Austin can be difficult as there’s much to take care of before the big day. Such responsibilities may include reserving experienced movers to help you settle into the new home, updating your address with your employer and utility companies, shopping for new furniture, and so on. Taking care of everything can be exhausting, however, there are several apps that can help your move go a lot smoother. Our South Austin movers list the best apps to help you move into a new home.



If you haven’t decided on where your new home will be in South Austin, install Zillow [1] to get started house hunting. The real estate company in Seattle provides thousands of rental and “for sale” listings from across the nation. The app provides assistance for users throughout each step of the home search while also offering resources like current mortgage rates. The cherry on top is the real-time walkthrough of your prospective neighborhood featured on the app, giving you a sense of that the neighborhood is like.



After settling on a new residence, get a head start arranging furniture with Magicplan.[2] While walking around with the app open, it records the dimensions of the home to create an augmented reality version of the floorplan so you can digitally move furniture around until you find a confirguration you like. That way you can more accurately direct the movers as they are setting your furniture when they arrive. Moreover, Magicplan also includes 3D models, virtual tours, and site surveying, making it one of the best apps to help you move into a new home.



Packing is a monotonous task no one looks forward to completing. Install Sortly [3] to streamline the packing process as it creates labels for packing boxes and allows you to classify items by the room where they belong.

If Sortly doesn’t do the trick, book our South Austin packing services to take the tedious task off your hands. Being specially trained in a variety of items and furniture, our expert movers will efficiently and securely pack your belongings to ensure their safety during the move.

Facebook Marketplace

Don’t weigh yourself down by moving into the new home with unnecessary junk you no longer need. Lighten your moving load and put money back in your pocket by listing items for sale on the Facebook Marketplace. On this app, you’ll see users list all types of items for sale like furniture, electronics, vehicles, and even real estate.


We’ve Got Your Back Every Step of the Way

If you need some help moving to town, contact our professional movers to help you settle into your brand new house. We offer a variety of quality relocation services to make sure your move will be effortless and efficient. Our moving company has over twenty years of experience in the industry, so you can rest assured you will be in good hands. Don’t delay, call 512-402-3669 today for your complimentary moving quote. Happy moving!





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