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Packing Tips to Make Your Move to Sarasota Easy

Moving is exciting, but can be stressful at the same time. Somewhere between dissembling furniture and packing fragile dishware, anyone can become overwhelmed with the amount of work that goes into a move and want to throw in the towel. If you are planning a move to Sarasota, don’t fall victim to the stresses of the relocation process. Utilize tips from our local Sarasota moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage, to help execute your move ease and comfort.

Tip #1: Hire a professional moving company. Many people think hiring a moving company is a waste of money, and choose to do all of the packing and heavy lifting on their own. Before they know it, they have run out of precious packing and moving time, and end up carelessly throwing personal belongings in the back of a rental truck. Professional Sarasota movers are equipped with the skills and materials necessary to provide a full-service and stress-free moving experience.

Tip #2: Pack essentials in a separate and clear moving bin. In preparing for your move to Sarasota, place items you will need to use first and foremost in a clear bin or separate bag that is easy to access. Plan on packing two pairs of clothes, your toiletries, toilet paper, trash bags, paper towels, utensils for meals and anything else you will need right away after moving into your new house.

Tip #3: Label all moving boxes. Make it easier on you and your Sarasota movers by labeling each moving box with information on its contents and which room it should be placed in once it arrives in your new home.

Tip #4: Use plastic wrap to secure open bottles. Place saran wrap over openings of shampoo bottles, lotions and anything else that may leak or break during your move to Sarasota. After applying plastic wrap, screw all tops back on for added security.

Tip #5: Use clear sandwich bags to organize furniture hardware. Have sandwich bags and a marker on hand before your Sarasota moving company begins dissembling your furniture. Organize all hardware in the clear bags and label to make reassembly of your furniture easier.

Tip #6: Take a picture of the backs of TVs, radios and other electronic devices. Before you start unplugging your electronic systems, take a picture of the connected wires. This will help you remember how to set everything up.

Tip #7: Invest in a roll of stretch wrap. The last thing you want is for furniture to get scuffed during your move to Sarasota. Buy a large roll of plastic stretch wrap and generously wrap furniture and other valuable items for added protection.

Tip #8: Make use of laundry hampers, decorative baskets and suitcases. Utilize these items as you would a moving box. You can place clothing, linens and towels inside, saving precious packing space.

Tip #9: Give back to friends and family who are helping with your move. Always have food and drinks on hand during your move to Sarasota. You may lose your team of friendly, free movers if they become hungry, thirsty or tired. Sarasota local movers suggest having plenty of water and healthy foods that are easy to snack on in an area that is easy to access and passed by often, like the kitchen counter.