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Professional Packing company Tips-Pack Your Kitchen

The process of moving to a new home can seem stressful and tiring especially during the packing stages. All My Sons Moving & Storage professional packing company in Sarasota understands that to get your new house in order, many steps need to be taken to ensure a smooth transition. Packing your home and specifically your kitchen requires patience and care. It’s important to start packing your kitchen early so you can avoid the extra stress when it comes time for moving day. Luckily, we have created the perfect guide for you on the best way to pack your kitchen efficiently.

From your appliances to your fine dining sets, everything in your kitchen involves special care and attention when arranging items into boxes. We want to make your packing experience easy and well-organized so you can quickly move on to the next room in your house.

When you first start to pack your kitchen, it’s important to give yourself plenty of packing time to tackle the entirety of the area. You want to start off with the biggest items in your kitchen, such as all major appliances. These items are expensive to replace so it’s crucial to pack them in the proper boxes with the proper care. It would be beneficial to pack your appliances in their original boxes if you still have them available. If not, you can cover each appliance in bubble wrap and place each one into a thick and sturdy box. Sarasota professional packing company recommends individually wrapping your appliances to ensure their protection throughout the whole move.

Another tip for the best way to pack your kitchen would be to gently and properly pack your fine china using the appropriate packing supplies. We realize these items are extremely valuable and special so we want you to follow the right method that will guarantee a safe move. Ideally, we suggest finding boxes that are designed to support heavy glass bowls and plates. To protect your fine dining sets from breaking, place bubble wrap on the bottom of the box for extra support. Then wrap each plate and bowl separately with bubble wrap. You can stack your items into the box and fill all empty space with newspapers. This will ensure that your precious items aren’t moving around in the boxes.

Finally, it’s time to go through your refrigerator and decide what you want to keep and throw away. This can seem overwhelming, but we are here to guide you. Start by tossing any expired or unwanted food in the trash. When packing your food, we suggest using plastic containers instead of standard boxes. This will help with potential leaks that could ruin other packing materials along the way. Pack your pastas and cereals with large containers to ensure freshness when you unpack in your new home. All glassware food should be placed in separate containers with added newspaper protection.

Packing up your kitchen requires a lot of time and preparation and we hope that these tips on the best way to pack your kitchen will ease the stress of your next move!