Is there an Optimal Time to Move?

If you’re not moving because of a job, a family issue, or a relationship, chances are you can take a more leisurely approach to your moving process. This allows you more time for packing, deciding where to go, and when you should go, which naturally brings up the question: is there an optimal time of year to move? The Sarasota moving company, All My Sons Moving and Storage, explains that many people are unaware that different times of the year can have significant impacts on your moving experience. Each season offers attractive features to assist you in your move, but both have undesirable qualities to consider as well.

There is a simple answer to this question, and it depends on the following factors:

  • Where you currently live
  • Where you’re planning to move
  • The current time of year
  • The kind of items you are bringing along

Where you currently live and where you’re going: It is important to consider the weather conditions, both for the area in which you currently live, and the area in which you intend to move. If you live in Florida, moving in the summer could mean a lot of days packing and moving beneath the blazing Florida sun, or in the afternoon rainstorms. On the other hand, if you’re currently living in Minnesota, moving during the winter is not an option. Sarasota movers recommend finding a balance between both locations for optimal moving conditions, in Florida this is typically between November to April.

The time of year: This isn’t referring to the weather. Sarasota moving company All My Sons recommends that you factor in the time of year in terms of holidays, school, children, and peak moving season. Peak moving season falls between May and September (Memorial Day to Labor Day), so with more people trying to move during these times, movers are in higher demand, and moving costs naturally go up. Sarasota movers say the best time to move is usually in the slower months of winter – November to early spring. You may have to move your kids during the school year, but it will save monumentally on moving costs.

The items you’re bringing: Many people tend to forget that the kind of items you will be bringing can be affected by the time of year you’re moving. Extreme temperatures can have severe impacts on sensitive items, such as antiques, glasses, and instruments that don’t do well in colder months.  A person moving from warm California to cold Massachusetts will likely find rapid climate changes to be harsh on wood and even some plastics. Fortunately, our team of Sarasota movers have decades of experience in packing every kind of material, from antique cars to grand pianos, so we can design a moving plan that best accommodates you.

The professional team at All My Sons Moving and Storage can provide quality service for your local or long distance move, any time of year.