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Ways to Save Money on Laundry in Your San Antonio Home

For those having to use San Antonio movers to relocate to a new home, chances are that you are looking for any way to save money that you can. Since moving can be a dirty process, and you will want to make sure everything that is going into your new home is clean, we here at All My Sons Moving & Storage know that your new laundry machine will be one of the first things that gets the most use in your new home.

In order to save as much money as possible once your San Antonio moving company unpacks yours and your new family’s belongings, making sure that you are washing your laundry as efficiently as possible will make a huge difference. Simply check out these different ways to save money on laundry in your San Antonio home from All My Sons Moving & Storage and use the extra money to go explore your new home!

Hang dry as much as possible. Not only will hang drying your belongings make your clothes last longer in the long run, but it will also cut costs significantly on your electric bill. If you do not already own a drying rack, now is the time to get one! You will be amazed at how many more wears you can get out of your wardrobe, as well as how much lower you spend on electric every month.

Don’t overuse detergent. Most people simply just pour the detergent in washing machine without even measuring it out – which is a really good way to waste detergent and use way more than you are supposed to. Oftentimes, the measuring directions for how much detergent to put in each load recommends putting in is half the amount that most people think is normal.

Only wash full loads. By washing laundry that is not a full load, you end up having a much higher electric bill than if you had waiting until you had a completely full load. If you have a couple of items that you must wash, then hand wash them in the sink and let them air dry. By handwashing items that you wear often, they will ultimately end up lasting longer as well.

Put your clean clothes away as soon as possible. Once you have finally done a load of laundry, make sure to put your clean clothes away as soon as they are done. If you wait to put them away, then they usually just end up getting mixed in with other dirty clothes, and end up needing to be rewashed again. Since your San Antonio movers know that this is the last thing that you want to deal with, do yourself a favor and put them away as soon as the load is done. Or, you can even add it to your kid’s chore list.