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Moving Truck or Moving Professionals

Moving takes a lot of planning and preparation. There’s cleaning, sorting things out, packing, not to mention all the new paperwork you’ll have to acquire because of your new address and even more tasks if you have children such as switching schools. However, if you work with professional movers who have numerous years of experience in the moving industry like All My Sons of San Antonio than you can at least know that moving day will be hassle-free.

When you work with a reputable moving company, you know your hiring people who have done this before. They movers have a system in place for being efficient, productive and minimizing damage. The local San Antonio movers for example quilt pad wrap personal belongings fro maximum protection and help owners with disassembling and reassembling furniture, so there’s no heavy lifting required on your moving day. This of course insures no wrong movements on your part and helps keep you safe from injuries.

Some people rather not hire reputable local movers and instead they rent a moving truck. If you’re going with this option, there are a few things you need to think about as well as get prepared. When you work with experienced movers the responsibility of the move is theirs, when you rent a moving truck, you are responsible. You have to think about clearance, you’ll have to know how tall is your truck and be careful of bridges, underpasses and canopies at gas stations. Remember that a truck needs more time to react than a car, so you’ll have to break earlier than you’re used to and take wider turns. Backing up with your truck also won’t be an easy task. It would help if you had someone helping you on the outside.

Before you start driving the truck with all of your belongings in it, make sure you familiarize yourself with it. Adjust your mirrors, your seats and everything in between. Know your insurance coverage as well. Call up your insurance company to see if you’re covered and at what length such as truck damage, bodily injury and cargo damage. Even if you’re covered on a car rental, it’s possible that you’re not covered at all for moving trucks.

After taking all of these considerations and the labor intensive work of a move, it might be wiser to deal with a professional moving company like All My Sons of San Antonio. You get a free moving quote online and figure out if it’s within your budget because it’s possible that you’ll have extra expenses when renting a moving truck besides just the actual rental.