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Tips on How to Save Money When Moving

Just like those packed cardboard boxes, your costs will stack up quickly during your move.

It can be challenging to keep track of your growing expenses as you’re trying to fit your entire life into the back of a moving truck. During your move to San Antonio, there are a few tips to keep in mind to decrease your spending and increase your move-efficiency.

The San Antonio long-distance movers recommend these big tips for a small-cost move:


Consolidate & Donate

You may be surprised and even overwhelmed when packing up your belongings, realizing how much stuff you’ve acquired over the years. A lifetime or even just a month in a single home can result in an unthinkable number of items to move to your new place.

Since most moving companies charge according to the weight of your belongings and the number of trucks it takes to transport them, getting rid of stuff will surely save you money. Your movers in San Antonio recommend sorting through excess items to consolidate them. You can then donate your goods to a local donation place or have them picked up by a charitable fund in your area.


Get Crafty

Craftiness is necessary to save money on your move to San Antonio. Look for free boxes and packing materials by visiting your local grocery store; oftentimes, they have cardboard boxes which they give away at no charge.

Also, instead of purchasing packing materials like bubble wrap or Styrofoam, the movers in San Antonio suggest you use belongings such as sheets, towels, and blankets to protect fragile items or to plug up space in boxes. You can save money and space by using this money-saving tip.


Watch the Time

A key indicator of the price of your move will be the time period. Moving during the on-season of May-September incurs much higher rates. To combat this, move during the off-season. Not only will this make for a much less expensive move but also a more pleasant one since you won’t have to move during the scorching San Antonio summer.


Choose Affordability

Possibly the most important tip to save money on your move—choose the right movers. Upon typing in the words ‘San Antonio long-distance movers’ into your search engine, you will be swarmed by a mass of moving companies. You must choose wisely to save money. Some companies offer very few moving services for a lot of money.

Your All My Sons movers in San Antonio do the opposite; the experts offer a lot of services for very little money compared to other moving companies in the area. Choose affordability and choose All My Sons in San Antonio to help you save even more money during your move than you thought would be possible.