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Tips for Moving with Teens

If you are moving to San Antonio with teenagers, All My Sons Moving and Storage has some helpful tips at making your move much easier and a lot less stressful for not only your teen, but also for you.

Teenagers are already experiencing a lot of changes in their lives so moving can sometimes make them irritable and combative. For children of any age, leaving behind friends, their school, and a neighborhood that they may have grown up in is difficult. Help your teen cope with moving by following these easy guidelines from your local movers:

  1. Suggest that your teen keep a journal so that they can express their feelings in a positive way. If they can get their negative emotions out on paper then it might keep them from taking those emotions out on you. It is also a way for them to capture this major milestone in their life and they can add photos of old friends and their old neighborhood, and then photos of new ones.
  2. If you are house hunting bring your teens with you. Find out what they like and do not like in each home that you visit. If you let them have a part in choosing their new home it will make it more enjoyable and exciting for them.
  3. If they are the oldest, let them pick their room over their younger brothers or sisters. Ask them how they would like to design it and allow them to have a say in the paint color and decorations like a new bed set.
  4. Ask them to research their new town. Have them find out where all of the local hot spots are, the good schools, restaurants, things to do, etc.
  5. Ask your teen how they would like to say goodbye to friends. Would they like to throw a party, have a big dinner at a nice restaurant, or a weekend getaway?
  6. Suggest that they put together a moving kit of things that they will need the first couple days that they are in the new home. Have this kit include items that they can do during the car or plane ride, such as: magazines, books, card games, laptop, ipod, tablet, etc.
  7. Give them a checklist of tasks to complete. Some teens may not want to be given a list of things to do; however, the more that you make them a part in the move, the more they are likely to be excited about the move. Give them some fun tasks and not a lot of hard, tedious tasks.

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