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Temporary Storage Solutions in San Antonio

The winter storms of 2021 have brought a lot of hardship to many of those who live across the United States, particularly those states from the northeast to the west. Unprecedented low temperatures are causing many to be without power and even leave their homes for safety and warmth. If you have been affected by these conditions and are looking for temporary storage for your belongings, our San Antonio movers can help. We offer both moving and storage options to help keep your belongings safe.

Whether you require short-term storage or long-term, our full-service moving company has both options available.

Can You Hire Movers for Moving into a Storage Unit?

If you are thinking of purchasing temporary storage and need assistance moving and packing your belongings, our local San Antonio movers can help. We offer packing services that will make getting into your storage unit quick and easy. We know that moving out of your home unexpectedly can be inconvenient and stressful. Our team will do all that we can to make the transition from your home to temporary storage as painless as possible. That means you can leave the headache of packing and finding packing supplies in San Antonio to us.

What Should I Put in Storage When Moving?

Wondering what to put in storage when moving? Our San Antonio movers recommend the following items in your home, be the first on your list:


Since you will likely be moving back into your home once repairs are done or staying somewhere that’s already furnished, there is a low chance that you will need to take your furniture with you. We recommend leaving your furniture in temporary storage until you’re ready for it.

Seasonal Items

These items aren’t only limited to decorations for holidays. Seasonal items can also include clothing that isn’t suitable for the current season. Search your home for things you’re not going to need for a while and keep them in storage.

Large Household Appliances

If your home is going to be under construction, or you’re planning to move somewhere and would like to take your appliances with you, keeping these items in temporary storage is a good idea. Otherwise, donate or throw them away.

Important Files and Documents

Keeping items such as birth certificates, passports, the deed or title to your home, and things of that nature are important to keep safe and away from harmful debris. We highly recommend not only keeping these items in temporary storage but also storing them in weatherproof containers.

Books and Magazines 

Are you a collector of books? Novelty items like these are ones you will definitely want to consider keeping in temporary storage. 

Collectors Items and Artwork 

If your home has any collector items or one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork, it is also best to keep these items safe in temporary storage.

Our residential movers in San Antonio are here with you during these difficult times. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and to learn more about our temporary storage options.