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Temporary Housing While You Move

Moving is a big ordeal and there are many things to prepare for, plan and get organized. From sorting your personal belongings to packing your things, getting sturdy moving boxes, finding a reputable moving company and so on. You might have to move while sill haven’t found your next perfect home. Or you have found a new place in a new neighborhood, but can’t move in just yet.

In that case you can move your personal belongings into storage and if you’re moving into the San Antonio area, All My Sons Moving and Storage of San Antonio can help with that. We’ll carefully transport your things into storage and transport them back to your new place when you’re settled in.

In the meantime, you’ll have to find temporary housing. Depending on the length of stay and location, you’ll have to choose between staying with family, to hotels or even extended stay hotels.

A regular hotel is perfect for a short stay. If you just need a few days of accommodations before stepping into your new place, a regular hotel room will provide you with benefits that can help out. You’ll most likely have breakfast ready every morning, you’ll have housekeeping services, nearby entertainment, TV in your room and so on. Depending on ho big your family is, a regular hotel room might be perfect.

Of course, if you’re moving in solo, and will move into your new home in just a few days, you can always stay at a friend’s house. Make full use of their couch or guest room. Just be prepared to return the favor some day.

If you’re not moving into your new home for a while, try the extended stay hotels. You’ll have a full kitchen, a little work area, and a better rates since you’re staying longer. The environment is more home-like with ready to-go utilities that you don’t have to sign up for.
If you’re thinking about moving into a home that needs a lot of work, whether it’s upgrades, additions or even repairs, you ca always try to rent an apartment in the meantime. The San Antonio local movers remind you that you can even find furnished apartments for a great rate. This is especially a good decision, if you have a family. The apartment will allow for extra rooms to house everyone, even if you have a pet. There’s more privacy and you’ll have more space for your belongings, so you won’t be limited in what you keep out of storage.