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Strange Homes From Around The World

The San Antonio movers always like to bring you new and interesting information about subjects related to moving and real estate. So in this article, with the help of MSN.com, All My Sons of San Antonio brings you the world’s most bizarre houses.  

The first one is the Leaf House in Angra Dos Reis in Brazil. The roof of this home looks like a giant flower with six petals, each covering another part of the house. The Everingham Rotating House in Taree, Australia is another ‘different’ home. It’s in an octagonal shape and rotates a full 360 degrees. In Mexico City, there’s a seashell-shaped home completed in 2006 called The Nautilus. The architect’s name is Javier Sensonian. He practices what he calls bio-architecture and has designed buildings in the shapes of snakes, whales and other creatures. The Subterra Castle in Central Kensas is another strange piece of architecture to call home. This defunct missile silo was bought in 1983 and took 10 years to become a livable home. This home once stored a four-megaton nuclear warhead. What was once the launch control station is now a cozy living space. The Mushroom House in Cincinnati was the home and studio of an architect who was a professor at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture and Planning. This house was built between 1992 and 2006, with the occasional help of his students. It has a fantastical design, undulated woodwork and a wide range of materials were used to build this mushroom-shaped house. In Theoule, France, there’s the Bubble Castle home. You’ll find no straight lines or sharp angles in this home. This house is deemed a historic monument by France’s Ministry of Culture, even if it’s not even 50 years old. The World’s Best Home, according to the 2009 World Architecture World Festival, goes to the Klein Bottle House in Mornington Peninsula, Australia. A Klein Bottle is a complex mathematical concept involving folding a cylinder into itself to create a spiraling form. MSN lists the Crooked House of Winsor in England also as a strange house. It was built in 1592, but got its slant in 1718 when the structure was rebuilt with unseasoned green oak. The basement had a secret passage to Windsor Castle, one of the official residences of UK’s royal family. Today, it’s sealed off and the home is a restaurant.

As you can see there are many strange homes around the world. If you found a home, strange or not, call the San Antonio moving company to help you with your move. The San Antonio movers will take care of every detail for you, safely and securely transporting your goods to you to your new home. You can count on this licensed and insured moving company in San Antonio.