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Spring Cleaning in Your Converse Kitchen

It is almost spring time, so you know what that means: spring cleaning! Cold spells will soon be in the past, and it will be nice and warm outside, so you can open your windows and start deep cleaning. Whether you just moved into your home or you are moving out, deep cleaning the kitchen is a good idea to help keep your belongings (not just your home) looking their best. So let’s get to it! Your Converse moving company is here to offer cleaning tips (and moral support).

Spring cleaning is the time of year when we get to those neglected areas of the kitchen. You do not have to lie, we all do it. You know, ignore certain chores for weeks (okay, months) on end. Things like cleaning the oven are not exactly a priority. Sigh. Kitchens can be germ traps, because cooking creates a mess! So it is time to get into all the little nooks and crannies:

  • Start by removing all of your big appliances and cleaning behind and around them. Pull out your refrigerator and stove, and you will be amazed at all of the crumbs and gunk you find! Mop the floors and clean the appliances themselves, because they will be covered in…well, something strange and sticky.
  • Next up is the oven itself. It works hard all year long cooking your family’s meals, so now it is time to give it a good cleaning. If it has a self-cleaning function, turn it on. If not, coat the inside with an oven cleaner and let it soak. Then scrub the oven’s exterior, and do not miss the bottom drawer. That usually gets pretty dirty. While you are at it, scrub the top of your stove as well.
  • Many people never clean their dishwasher, but this is one kitchen item that you should not neglect. It is constantly filled with filthy dishes, so make sure that you are not sending your dishes to be cleaned in a germ-infested appliance. Take out the grate and filter located at the bottom and remove anything that has built up. Then, soak them in a bit of soapy, hot water. After you put the parts back, add some vinegar to a small bowl and place it on the top rack, and run the dishwasher. This will help sanitize the inside and remove any foul smells.
  • The cabinets under the kitchen sink can get jam-packed full of stuff. Remove everything, and we mean everything, so you can clean the inside. Give it a good scrub down and let it dry. If you use cabinet liners, you may want to replace them, depending on how dirty they are. Now for the contents of the cabinet. Throw away anything that is old, and combine duplicates to save room. Place everything back inside in a neat and logical manner.

Giving your kitchen a deep clean during spring cleaning may not be fun, but it will make you feel great after. Knowing you removed all that dust, gunk, and dirt should make you rest easy, especially since you are creating a cleaner environment for your family. While it may have been gross, your Converse moving company is proud you did it!