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The Case for Moving Into a Small House

There are plenty of houses on the market these days, especially due to the economy. There are all types of prices and plenty of inventory in various areas. With a little research and working together with local banks, buying a home today is truly affordable. But, even if this buyer’s market, future homebuyers should be careful and take precautions when settling on the right square footage for their home.

A bigger home, not only has a bigger price tag, it also comes with its own set of maintenance and repair bills, along with an increases utility bill every month and what about all that furniture you’ll have to purchase to turn you big house into a cozy home. The local San Antonio movers found out that, historically, smaller homes were what most homebuyers moved into. In the 50s, homes were about 980 square feet. It’s only in the early 200’s that the average home size increased to 2,340 square feet.

If you’re looking to buy a home in this new real estate market, you should consider buying a smaller house. One thing is for sure, it will cost less. If you’d like to make improvement like painting the exterior or changing the floors, the price tag on those projects will make quite a difference in your budget.

On a day to day basis, a smaller is also convenient and can save you time regarding daily chores. The cleaning and landscaping is much easier, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy your quiet time. It also makes for a more simple lifestyle that’s less filled with a lot of meaningless things. When you’re more limited by space and storage capacities, you think twice before buying on impulse or without need.

Upgrades and renovations can be more high quality because there’s less surface to play with. So for example, if you had a smaller kitchen and you wanted to change your countertops to granite, the cost will be fairly good because you don’t have a huge surface to cover. The same with cabinetry, flooring or even if you wanted to add an extension to the house.

When it’s time for you to move into your smaller home, don’t forget the San Antonio local moving specialists. Our All My Sons of San Antonio moving team is made up of professional movers backed by the reputable All My Sons Moving and Storage name, so you have nothing to worry about.